The best cheap hard drive and SSD deals in June 2017

The best cheap hard drive and SSD deals in June 2017

There has never been more content available to fill your hard drive space on your laptop or desktop PC. Movies, music, and those many Steam games you bought in the sale that you absolutely will play one day all need a home. On the plus side, storage manufacturers are constantly striving to make bigger and faster drives.

Directly below you'll find links to the hard drive aisles at some of the best retailers around for cheap hard drive or SSD deals. Below those links you'll find our hand-picked highlight of what we think are the best deals of the week. These include multiple sizes of 3.5-inch drives going up to 10TB. If you're wanting to give your laptop a boost, you'll want to check our latest SSD deals. There are also some cheap external drive options too and we'll point you in the right direction for the best deals on USB flash drives.

Not seeing anything that takes your fancy? Feel free to bookmark the page and check back next week. Fingers crossed we'll find you something before Black Friday. Or maybe you'd prefer a completely new setup? If so, check out our cheap laptop deals guide.

cheap hard drive deals

Cheap hard drive deals

If you prefer to browse through a larger collection, we've rounded up a selection of relevant retailer links for you below.

external hard drive deals

This week’s best SSD deals and hard drive deals

cheap hard drive deals

2.5-inch SSD deals

KingDian 120GB SSD | Now £45.99 | Amazon

With 120GB SSD deals being a bit scarce of late, it's made more sense to look towards the larger 240GB Solid State Drives instead, especially as they've been the same price lately. KingDian range of cheap drives offers a modest saving over the 240GB deal below though.

cheap SSD deals

Drevo X1 Series 120GB SSD SATAIII SSD Solid State Drive | Now £47.99 | eBay

While the Drevo brand doesn't carry as much weight as the likes of SanDisk or Toshiba, they're one of the cheapest options this week for a 120GB Solid State Drive.

cheap SSD deals

Integral V Series 240GB 2.5-inch Internal SSD | Now £64.99 | Currys

If you're looking for the cheapest 240GB SSD deal over performance then this is the best price we've seen for some time.

SanDisk 240GB Solid State Drive Plus | Now £76.99 | Amazon

If you know you're going to need some extra space for games or movies, we'd recommend this deal over the smaller SSDs. This is your best deal for a more recognised brand than the cheaper deal above.

cheap SSD deals

SanDisk Extreme Pro 480GB SSD
This highly rated SSD might be a bit on the pricey side, but the fast sequential read and write speeds are more than worth the cost. Crucially, there's also a 10 year warranty, which cheaper drives just don't dare offer. That's confidence from SanDisk for you right there.

Like the idea of a 1TB SSD deal, but don't want to pay over £300/$300? That sounds like a reasonable enough request and the Crucial MX300 SSD could be the one for you as it strikes a fine balance between performance and cost.

Kingston 1TB SSDNow KC400
This new 2.5-inch SSD from Kingston is super fast and ideal for laptops or even a PS4. It's newness is keeping the price quite high though, with most retailers hovering around the £320 mark for early adopters. Keep an eye on this comparison chart below though for the latest prices and you'll hopefully find a better deal as time goes by.

3.5-inch PC hard drive deals

Toshiba P300 2TB 3.5-inch High-Performance Hard Drive | Now £57 | Amazon

With most retailers charging over £70, this cheap internal drive is well worth a look if you're wanting to upgrade the capacity on an older PC.

hard drive deals

Toshiba P300 3TB 7200RPM 3.5-inch Hard Drive | Now £72.90 | Amazon

The price for this 3TB drive is impressive enough, but the increased 7200RPM speed is another big selling point too.

hard drive deals

Seagate ST4000DM000 4TB 3.5-inch Hard Drive | Now £110.48 | Novatech

This is one of the cheapest 4TB PC hard drives we've seen for a while and should provide enough space for most users. Most other drives of this size start at about £135.

hard drive deals

Toshiba X300 5TB 3.5-inch Extreme-Performance Hard Drive | Now £138 | Amazon

This speedy 7200RPM hard drive is excellent value if you're looking for a large 5TB capacity. If you need something that big though, maybe we can tempt you with the 6TB drive below instead?

hard drive deals

Toshiba X300 6TB 3.5-inch Hard Disk Drive 7200RPM | Now £173 | Amazon

This Toshiba drive isn't a massive leap in price over the 5TB option above. Still not enough space though? That's ok, we have some even larger hard drive deals below.

Seagate IronWolf 10TB 3.5-inch hard drive deals
This brand new hard drive from Seagate has just been released and our very own Matt Hanson gave it a highly recommended 4.5/5 rating in his extensive appraisal. Prices are pretty high, but you can use our comparison chart below to track the latest prices if you’re after the best deal on this huge hard drive.

External hard drive deals

The Seagate drives in our comparison chart below are regular tennants on this page so we've included a range of the best prices for different sizes of their Expansion series of portable and desktop hard drives. Below these deals you'll find our other favourite external hard drive deals.

external hard drive deals

Another popular option in the ranks of best external hard drives are the Western Digital My Passport range. These colourful and compact hard drives comes in 1TB-4TB sizes and have reliable data speeds too. They make a nice change from the parade of generic grey boxes too and add a little flair to your desk.

The Seagate hard drives mentioned earlier are excellent value for money. But you don't actually have to spend that much more to get 5TB of storage space. the 5TB Seagate Expansion is one of the most popular picks around and gets consistently high-scoring reviews from press and public alike. A real people's champ all-round and one of our favourite external hard drive deals.

Need something a lot bigger? Enter the WD My Book Duo 16TB external hard drive. The Duo of the title refers to the fact you can use RAID technology to split this into two drives and configure them manually. This is especially handy if you want to backup the drive's content on the same drive, so if one part fails, you'll still be able to recover the data. These excellent external desktop drives don't come cheap though, so take a look at our comparison chart to find the latest and cheapest prices available.

Maxtor M3 1TB USB 3.0 Slimline portable hard drive | Now £46.75 | Amazon

A great price for a portable drive with 1TB of space. This is currently the very cheapest 1TB option in our internal hard drive deals guide.

external hard drive deals

Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB USB 3.0 portable hard drive | Now £54.50 | Amazon

This stylish hard drive is available in multiple colours and is cheapest at Amazon today.

Transcend 1TB Military-Grade Shock Resistance Portable Hard Drive | Now £54.82 | Amazon

This 1TB USB 3.0 external drive is usually a bit pricier than the offers posted above, but it's had a tenner knocked off this week! It's able to withstand clumsy drops or getting bashed about a bit. If you need something that's going to travel with you a lot, this is certainly one to consider.

Maxtor M3 2TB USB 3.0 Slimline Portable Hard Drive | Now £68.95 | Amazon

We haven't had a decent 2TB deal in while as the prices have been way too close to the 1TB or 3TB options. At this price though, this 2TB hard drive deal sits nicely between the other sizes.

Seagate Expansion 4TB Desktop USB 3.0 external hard drive | Now £109.99 | Amazon

This Seagate offer from Maplin is your next best option for a 4TB external hard drive, especially as Argos' offer for a similar drive last week has shot up by £10. This really should be plenty of space unless you're storing a lot of media files.

Seagate Expansion 5TB USB 3.0 external Hard Drive | Now £129.99 | Amazon

If the Toshiba deal above doesn't do it for you, you could opt for this Seagate drive, so maybe hang on for a discount. It's also listed as Xbox One compatible, which is very handy if you're still struggling with the constrictive default 500GB internal one.

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