Technology Behind Sports Medicine

Technology Behind Sports Medicine

Athletes And Technology

Texas Football InjuryInjuries are uncontrolled in several sports, from hard-hitting crashes in football to muscle alterations in basketball and soccer. Thus far, fans and athletes alike have recognized how injuries plague professional sports players. It is among the reasons why athletes are paid millions annually — they put their bodies on the line for amusement and the teams success. While it’s extremely entertaining, there are many medical set backs that can be encountered. Considering the new wave of medical technology and the ability to recover at faster rates, it’s no wonder why sports teams are investing millions to on staff medical advisors.

Trainers know that the possibility of an accident is quite real whenever they match up. Fortunately, technology is advancing sports injury recovery and prevention to the point at which they can dread a whole lot less. We’ve seen sports and technology overlap in regions lately, such as immediate replay and discussions of practice umpires in baseball farther down the road, though tech’s influence on the sports health area was more understated — up to now.

At a quick speed, sports teams are increasingly utilizing technology and emerging approaches to increase injury prevention and healing. From the worldwide sport medicine market, which is likely to rise to $8.3 billion by 2019, it is no surprise. Professional sports teams are looking for High Performance Chiropractic Care for their athletes for spinal and neck injuries. The Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is known for his commitment to player health and has neck and spind injury professionals on the field at all time in the event one of the starting players is injured. Spinal and neck injuries account for many career ending injuries and proper treatment during the rehibilitation effort is required. Other Texas sports teams are following the lead of the Dallas Cowboys. The San Antonio Spurs superstar Tim Duncan often suffered from lowewr back pain and had sought high performance chiropractic care throughout his career. The new World Champions, Houston Astros also had chiropractic tables in the club house for players during the 2017 World Series.

Digital Modeling

In baseball, arm injuries are among the very common for gamers. This is particularly true for pitchers, with lots of undergoing Tommy John surgery annually to substitute their ulnar collateral ligament. To stop this in the first place, many clubs are choosing to utilize digital modeling to discover a supply for arm and elbow injuries.

In football, a comparable methodology is being used for before detection of concussions in gamers. It is likely this progress will last to coincide with the NFL’s newly recognized concussion protocols.

Aquatic Therapy

The Dallas Cowboys aren’t any stranger to accidents, especially in respect to their gifted but oft-injured ex-quarterback Tony Romo. Dez Bryant InjuryCowboys owner Jerry Jones always needs the very best, therefore interest surrounded coastal treatment as it was introduced the Cowboys have used it regularly to deal with and prevent accidents.

Team members utilize a HydroWorx 2000 pool at a brand-new training facility to hasten the rehabilitation procedure. This pool enables digital video monitoring of an athlete in motion undergoing water-flow immunity and varying floor motions. Raising and lowering the ground is conducive to postsurgical exercise sessions, some thing that the Cowboys took a fantastic interest in if investing from the facility that is state-of-the-art.

Wearable Monitors

A growing tendency in sports health technology is using frequent gear, such as mouthpieces and helmets, together with built-in technologies that collects biomechanical information to assemble information regarding brain injuries. This enables coaches to establish personalized coaching programs for players which could help minimize injuries, instead of just imagining just how far along a participant is at the concussion protocol.

neck and back injuryYou can find even clever socks which use cloth pressure detectors to rate the odds of a working injury. With technology like Fitbit becoming popular amongst the general public, it is not surprising that athletes have started to adopt wearable technologies which could track data and performance to find out when an injury might be imminent.

Tech continues to play an increasing part in reducing injury and healing period in athletics, from aquatic therapy pools assisting with healing time to electronic modeling which monitors arm wellness or concussion status. Sports lovers can expect this kind of tech’s existence to keep on growing bigger in the next several years.

Corporate Data Destruction Services

Corporate Data Destruction Services

Secure Data Destruction

In this digital age, it is becoming more and more difficult to safeguard private information. Whether you are concerned about your social security number, your credit card number or vital information regarding your work, it is imperative that you take steps to protect fundamental data.

You may think you’re safe; you don’t make online purchases and your destroying private datawork accounts have difficult passwords but don’t think that unscrupulous people won’t find a way to track and steal your important info. Throw items in the recycling bin? Discarding old floppy discs in the trash? Even information you may not consider to be used in a compromising way may be just what the crooks are looking for. How can you protect yourself and your business from computer hackers and untoward criminals? Seeking out one of many data destruction companies may also be a viable option.

Data destruction entails the elimination of data stored on tapes, hard disks and other forms of electronic media. To make sure it is destroyed to industry standards, it must be totally unreadable and cannot be accessed or used for unauthorized purposes. Destruction of data should be left to the professionals since they are accurately aware of the deceitful practices of lawbreakers. Not only is your digital information at risk on your computer, but any written information that is retrievable from a trash or recycling bin. There are companies that can recycle WEEE—also known as waste electrical and electronic equipment to ensure it is disposed of properly as well as any physical data that may be susceptible to theft.

Even reputable companies are interested in your information; simple data like your likes and dislikes can be ascertained by your online presence. Marketing companies can use this information to cater to your likes, tailoring advertising to suit your tastes or your online searches. This, of course, is legal, however, there are companies and individuals who don’t have to advertise in mind; they are seeking to steal information for less than legitimate reasons.

Computers are amazing and have changed the face of business forever. They are relatively new in the grand scheme of business and may contain sensitive data that is not limited to just the hard drives. Forgotten information from the technology of yesterday—discs, even dot-matrix printouts—can be used to gather the data that could be used to infiltrate your business or personal details, compromising their integrity and safety. You might think you are safe if you delete information from your computer but it can be retrieved. Sensitive work reports, credit card numbers, emails –all can be recovered from hard drives that had previously been reformatted, deleted or erased. Safeguarding this information is imperative and the only way to effectively remove electronic data is to crush or shred hard drives, making the information non-recoverable. 

To safeguard important information, search for a professional data controller. A data controller is either a person or a company that is in charge of the complaint destruction of data. It would be preferable if the data could be disposed of onsite but unless the data controller works for the company, that option is not very likely, especially for smaller companies. Instead, the majority of data controllers are companies hired by other companies to destroy their sensitive information. There are many different services these companies provide, including Binary wiping, also known as data erasure. Essentially, it is a process using a software-based method to overwrite the data to be removed and destroys all electronic data residing on a hard disk drive or other digital media.

hard drive data destructionAnother option is the disassembling of equipment, the equivalent of mechanical shredding. To discard of physical data, paper shredding can provide protection against data loss, fraud, and identity theft as well as confidential records. This will save you storage space as well since you will no longer have to house old, unused computers and hard drives and better yet, hackers will not be able to copy view or steal your old computers or hard drives. Regular destruction of information protects you, your business, your clients and employees from identity theft, as well as other fraudulent activity. A data controlling company alleviates the need for employees to shred documents and keeps the information from employees that may not be privy to classified documents.

Additionally, your employees would not be responsible if information actually was breached; that responsibility would fall on the data controlling company. They are also culpable for any non-compliant destruction; it must be to industry standards. By using an outsourced company to decimate your documents and outdated technology, you will save money in the long run. You are not paying employees to shred and destroy these documents, nor do you have to pay for the equipment to get the tasks done. In addition, you do not have to dispose or recycle the contents; this is left to the data controller. If you are ridding of paper documents, a data controller may have a special program that ensures that the paper that is destroyed will be recycled. This waste is sent to a recycling center that is compliant with state and federal regulations. Not all shredding companies offer this service; it is best to check.

There are companies that even come to you to help dispose of your old information and documents; these are mobile data controllers. They can get rid of your discs, documents, hard drives—any information can be completed on your premises and can show you via camera the real-time destruction of your property. You will want to review the company’s reputation and review the services they offer to ensure they meet your particular needs. A reputable data controlling company first discuss with you your personal or company needs regarding data destruction. And after the completion of the process, the controller should offer you a certification of destruction, to ensure that your information has been disposed of in a compliant manner. While the actual destruction of data is the service you pay for, the peace of mind of knowing that your information will not fall into the wrong hands is priceless.

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Everything You Want to Know About Fibromyalgia

Everything You Want to Know About Fibromyalgia

There’s absolutely no definitive diagnostic test for fibromyalgia that may determine for sure which FMS is the origin of the signs. Fibromyalgia is a intricate disorder involving many symptoms and is essentially a rule-out diagnosis. A rule out identification usually means that you can’t definitively diagnosis fibromyalgia based on any 1 evaluation, symptom, or evaluation. There are lots of conditions which may mimic and present like fibro, and needs to be ruled out until the diagnosis is authoritative. Some of the ailments include autoimmune disorders, tick-borne disease, genetic deficiencies as well as many others. Some common ailments to rule out comprise lymes disease, lupus, irritable bowl ailments, arthritis, and many others. Diagnosis is going to be discussed in additional detail individually in the publication.

Many physicians, research workers, and associations have attempted to Determine the main cause of FMS. FMS affects mostly girls and generally the symptoms start in young adulthood. However, as with the majority of medical problems, I believe that we over-complicate things. Within this novel, I’ll attempt to describe complicated medical conditions, hypothesis and remedies in simple to comprehend terminology and recommendations.

There are a lot of elaborate medical words and massive theories that we could utilize to inform you about fibromyalgia. It’d make me seem smart and just like I understood what I was referring to, but it would not help you all that much. Plus, the majority of those large words are only Latin that us physicians use to make ourselves seem smart. I’d love to describe fibromyalgia for you in easy terms. I believe anybody that has been diagnosed with fibro, believes they might have fibro, or even has a buddy with fibro, understands that if you have 10 physicians in an area to go over fibro, four would not feel that fibro exists, and then you’d get 10 opinions in another six physicians. But, I think that it’s readily explainable; we simply attempt to over-complicate the matter.

Fibromyalgia is a disease, Which is made up of an overly busy, excessively sensitive nervous system. That’s it! I could not make it a lot easier. Fibromyalgia is made up of a human body’s very own nervous system over-reacting. Your body can endure about 6 weeks with no food, approximately 6 weeks without water, about 6 minutes with no heart, and approximately 6 milliseconds with no nervous system. The nervous system is the master control of what that your body does. The brain sends messages through this management system, along with the cells send back messages, which forms the two-way communicating, that is the heart of health and life. This messages allows the mind track and capture everything that each small cell is performing, and it creates adjustments, or corrects, depending on the data it receives. This program lets our mind track, adapt, and enhance our environment and health.

1 way I inform my patients To consider this would be to envision a garden hose coming from the front of your residence. The sprinkler is similar to the smaller nerves which supply the cells that are smaller. Now, it’s essential for the bud to find the perfect quantity of water. A great deal of individuals in my clinic come to see me having a pinched nerve. Today, pinched nerves are similar to somebody standing on the nozzle. The water does not come out as far as it needs to, and the water does not provide the bud its nutrition, it wilts, and dies. Pinched nerves are extremely similar. Water flying up in the air, all around the area, putting a great deal of pressure on sprinkler mind, and probably giving far too much water into the bud. And what’s going to happen if you continue over mowing the grass like that? It is going to also acquire brown and die. The firehouse into a sprinkler is your best analogy that I could give to fibromyalgia. The nervous system is hyper active.

Just we’ll be speaking about identification shortly; nonetheless, among those definitive diagnostic evaluations for fibro is your cause point evaluation. Fundamentally, the evaluation finds, if specific points within your system are over-sensitive. This is analyzing the nervous systems reaction. Should you touch a certain part of the body, at a specific way, your nerves ought to react a certain way. Back in fibro patients, these particular points with a particular pressure, elicit a more reactive and more sensitive reaction. This shows the human body’s hyperactive condition. Scientifically, this notion was shown by many studies, that have shown an elevated amount of substance P, a neurotransmitter in the brain and spinal cord which leads to pain.

This over energetic nervous system is more responsive to pain compared to a standard nervous system. Additionally, the elevated amounts of substance P, inform us that the brain and spinal cord are causing more pain. My neurology teacher in grad faculty told our class that when our mind confessed all of the pain that our nerves felt daily, we’d go crazy. In actuality, it’s been demonstrated in studies which 99 percent of all pain signals listed by the nerves have been disregarded at the mind. The mind is normally attempting to safeguard us from all of the pain that we believe. The nerves do a fantastic job at tracking all that happens in the human body particularly pain signals. To choose which are significant and which aren’t. Regrettably, with FMS those edits do not appear to be operating, and the individual feels a whole lot greater than is generally tolerable.

Naturally there are additional hypothesis for the origin of fibromyalgia. Some physicians have indicated that fibro happens because of chronic of preceding infection, some assert sleep disturbances may cause this, and a few even feel that there’s a hereditary component. More research will be performed, however many are from the overall agreement that the nervous system is crucial, and that it’s overreacting. Nonetheless, this is my view based on years of clinical expertise and the research that’s been performed. Unfortunately like many facets of FMS, there’s not any definitive widely considered root cause of FMS, but most research and opinions studies have proven an over-active nervous system as the reason for fibromyalgia.

Dr. Cody Elledge has been a chiropractor in OKC for more than seven years. He’s a writer for chiropractic economics as well as regular public speaker, and has done medical test for UPS and other big businesses.

PCI DSS Tokenization

PCI DSS Tokenization

Tokenization Explained

PCI DSS Tokenization

It has become apparent that PCI DSS tokenization has started affecting businesses processing payments in a manner we could have never dreamed of. Big banks have marketed the use and connivence of credit cards and debit cards to the point that consumers are less and less likely to carry cash and check writing is almost a thing of the past. The processing of digital currency ahas led to may great things, but has also become a bit of liability in regards to security. There are many uses for encrypted currency and tokenization, which has prompted discussions within the online communities on how to reduce the impact that PCI DSS tokenization can have on a business.

Keeping Your Clients Data Safe

Passing off the responsibility of processing customer/client payments on your network and onto another just might be the #1 way for your business to free yourself from liability and keep your clients/customers data safe and secure. Tokenization is the process of replacing client/customer credit and debit card information with proprietary strings of encrypted data that can not be reversed engineered. Meaning, if this sensitive data were to fall into the hands of criminals, the data packets could not be revealed. Tokens store the last few digits of a credit/debit cards information so that the card can be identified for processing, this gives businesses the ability to setup recurring billing cycles on their own servers without having to store complete card numbers.


The PCI DSS Tokenization 3 Step Process As Referenced From PCISecurityStandars.org

Compliance For PCI DSSAssess: Identifying cardholder data, taking an inventory of IT assets and business processes for payment card processing, and analyzing them for vulnerabilities.
Remediate: Fixing vulnerabilities and eliminating the storage of cardholder data unless absolutely necessary.
Report: Compiling and submitting required reports to the appropriate acquiring bank and card brands.


PCI Tokenization vs. Encryption

Tokenization was not developed to replace encryption. They both have their own unique purpose in regards to online security. In my opinion PCI DSS tokenization seems to be a more secure alternative however to encryption. Tokenization however can be very taxing on networks and hardware, at the end of the day it does require more resources and a greater financial commitment from the business looking to provide and process on site tokenization services. Tokenization should be the preferred method however for extremely high risk data like credit cards and banking information. Data can also be stored in cloud based shells offsite.


Get Apple’s first 12-inch MacBook for just $779 on Amazon today

Get Apple’s first 12-inch MacBook for just $779 on Amazon today

If you want the cheapest way to get hold of an Apple laptop, then today is your lucky day. Amazon is selling the first 12-inch MacBook, as refurbished 2015 models, for just $779 to start.These Apple laptops are packing gorgeous Retina displays and 256GB solid-state drives (SSDs) paired with 8GB of RAM. Now, you should know that these 2015 MacBook models are known to suffer from those well-publicized keyboard issues.However, at least Apple provides these manufacturer-refurbished models with a 90-day warranty, so that should provide some peace of mind.

Also, these MacBooks bring with them impressive battery life and connectivity with your iPhone and associated accounts. You could think of this as a companion for your much-more-expensive iPhone X.Regardless, for those seeking the cheapest possible 12-inch MacBook they can find, this is currently the best answer. Keep in mind that supplies are running out at the time of writing, so act quickly if you’re pining for a new MacBook.
These are the best Macs we’ve seen to dateVia Gizmodo

Even Facebook is designing its own processors, says a new report

Even Facebook is designing its own processors, says a new report

Facebook is reportedly designing its very own processor hardware so as to reduce reliance on partners like Intel and Qualcomm in its device efforts. The news comes via anonymous sources speaking to Bloomberg and apparent job listings.The outlet reports that Facebook is currently in the early stages of building a team to design silicon semiconductors, an “end-to-end SoC/ASIC, firmware and driver development organization.” Indeed that very job posting is still live on Facebook’s online job board at the time of writing.Bloomberg suspects that Facebook could use these chips in future device endeavors, artificial intelligence software and server hardware. Perhaps the delayed Facebook speaker will use one of Facebook’s own chips.
Hiding in plain sight
It’s interesting to see that Facebook is still openly hiring for this position with the news out from an awfully accurate team of leak reporters.The job seems to call for someone skilled in processor technology in lots of applications, but particularly AI and machine learning on or via mobile systems on chip (SoC). Those types of technologies are popularly behind smart speakers.Perhaps Facebook wants to control where the data lives on these devices even more directly with its own silicon versus a third party’s. After all, what Facebook does with said data is under more scrutiny than it’s ever been.Facebook declined to comment on Bloomberg’s report.At any rate, it’s now in the open that Facebook is working toward developing its own processors for the purpose of AI and machine learning through SoCs.What that means for the future of Facebook products is unknown – perhaps this has something to do with future versions of the Oculus Go VR headset. One running with Facebook-developed silicon could possibly gain a Nintendo-like inherent advantage in performance, with hardware and software in harmony.
These are the best processors we’ve tested this yearVia 9to5Mac

Get the cheapest ever iMac Pro price – save £343 with our exclusive voucher

Get the cheapest ever iMac Pro price – save £343 with our exclusive voucher

The search for a discounted iMac Pro price has been a hard one since launch with no retailers wanting to come down from that £4899 price-tag. Today that changes though as we have an exclusive TechRadar voucher code to smash a huge £342.94 off the price.To get this cheapest ever iMac Pro price we’ve teamed up with Premium Apple reseller, KRCS to bring an exclusive 7% off voucher code with TECHRADAR7 for any new iMac Pro on the website. This really is the best price we’ve ever seen on the most powerful Mac ever made.
This deal is for the configuration with the following specs: 27-inch Retina 5K display, 3.2Ghz 8-core Intel Xeon W processor (with Turbo Boost up to 4.2Ghz), 32GB 2666MHz ECC RAM and a 1TB SSD.If you’d like to tweak the spec though – opt for more RAM or a larger hard drive and such – then you can still use our TECHRADAR7 voucher code on any new KRCS iMac Pro.

Microsoftin Zanzibar-projekti hämärtää todellisuuden rajoja luomalla jotakin täysin ainutlaatuista

Microsoftin Zanzibar-projekti hämärtää todellisuuden rajoja luomalla jotakin täysin ainutlaatuista

Microsoft on jo pitkään yrittänyt yhdistää todellisuutta digitaalimaailmaan. Sillä on ollut jo ennestään erilaisia projekteja, kuten Hololens- ja Windows Mixed Reality -lasit. Sen viimeisin projekti, Zanzibar, on kuitenkin kiinnostavin tähän mennessä.Zanzibar on liikuteltava matto, joka käyttää lähimaksusta tuttua NFC-teknologiaa. Matossa on kapasitiiviset sensorit, jotka tunnistavat erilaisia eleitä ja liikkeitä. Matto osaa siis tunnistaa fyysisiä esineitä, joita sen päälle laitetaan.Kehitystiimi valotti blogipostauksessaan, mistä he olivat saaneet idean. “Meillä oli aluksi yksinkertainen ajatus. Mitä jos voisimme hämärtää fyysisen ja digitaalisen maailman rajapintaa? Mitä jos voisit leikkiä leluilla, pelikorteilla tai palikoilla samalla, kun näet niiden heräävän eloon näytöllä?”, tiimi pohtii.
Osa artikkelimme linkeistä johtaa englanninkielisille sivuille. Teemme jatkuvasti töitä saadaksemme entistä useamman sivun suomen kielelle.
Image credit: MicrosoftLeikkiaika
Blogi kertoo myös mahdollisia käyttötarkoituksia Zanzibarille. He uskovat sen muuttavan dramaattisesti tapaamme kommunikoida tietokoneiden kanssa.Yksi esimerkki on leluilla leikkiminen. Matolle voisi asettaa tavallisia leluja ja antaa jokaiselle ainutlaatuisen identiteetin, jonka avulla esineisiin voitaisiin tallentaa dataa.Fyysisten lelujen, NFC-sirujen ja laajennetun todellisuuden yhdistäminen ei ole mikään uusi juttu, sillä esimerkiksi suositut Skylander-, Lego Dimensions- ja Nintendo Amiibo -lelut käyttävät samankaltaista teknologiaa. Zanzibarissa erityistä on kuitenkin se, että matto toimii minkä tahansa lelun kanssa, eikä pelkästään erityisesti sitä varten tehtyjen kalliiden hahmojen kanssa.
Testeissä lapset leikkivät maton päällä fyysisillä leluilla ja käyttivät tabletilta videoeditointiohjelmaa luodakseen stop motion -videoita.”Zanzibar-projekti kutsuu lapset leikkimään interaktiiviseen maailmaan, jossa lelut heräävät eloon äänen, kuvan ja erikoistehosteiden avulla. Tiimi näki, kuinka lapset tekivät stop motion -videoita tuntien ajan ja jakoivat niitä nettiin”, blogi kertoo.Matto tunnistaa myös lelujen fyysisen sijainnin matolla, joten se huomaa, jos niiden läistöllä on toisia leluja. Siinä tapauksessa järjestelmä osaa luoda tarinan, jonka pohjalta lelut alkavat keskustella.Osa ihmisistä saattaa olla huolissaan, että Zanzibarin myötä lapset eivät enää käyttäisi omaa mielikuvitustaan, vaan hyödyntäisivät tietokonetta äänten ja efektien tekemiseen. Tutkijat näkevät asian kuitenkin toiselta kannalta. Heidän mukaansa Zanzibar vain muuttaisi lasten tapaa käyttää tietokoneita. Monet lapset viettävät jo nyt enemmän aikaa 2D-näytön edessä kuin leikkimässä oikeilla leluilla. Zanzibarin kehittäjäryhmä haluaa muuttaa tämän.”Fyysinen maailma on todella monipuolinen paikka. Se on yltäkylläisen täynnä eri mittasuhteita ja esineitä. Visiomme on lisätä oikeaan maailmaan digitaalimaailman taianomaisuus ja toivomme, että Zanzibar on askel siihen suuntaan”, Haiyan Zhang, Zanzibar-projektin tutkija sanoo.
Image credit: Microsoft Apua oppimiseen
Tutkijaryhmä on myös kiinnostunut laajentamaan innovaatiota opetuskäyttöön Montessori-metodista tutulla tavalla. Montessori-opetus on 1900-luvulla kehitetty teoria, joka painottaa fyysisten aktiviteettien merkitystä oppimisessa. “Sovelsimme perinteisiä Montessori-harjoitteita, mutta lisäsimme niihin digitaalisisältöjä sekä lapsia kannustavaa palautetta Zanzibarin avulla”, blogi selittää.Tiimi aikoo myös kehittää erilaisia opetussovelluksia, joihin kuuluu muun muassa kirjoitus- ja koodausoppitunteja. Sovelluksissa on tarkoitus hyödyntää fyysisiä kortteja ja kannustaa lapsia käyttämään luontevia ja konkreettisia liikkeitä sovellusten kanssa kommunikointiin.

Kuinka se toimii?
Blogi selittää myös, miten Zanzibar-projektin prototyyppi toimii. Tiimi kertoo, että NFC-teknologia pystyy tunnistamaan esineiden sijainnin ja että maton voi yksinkertaisesti rullata ja ottaa mukaan. Matto osaa myös tunnistaa päällekkäin pinotut esineet ja selvittää jopa niiden keskinäisen järjestyksen.Esineitä ei tarvitse asettaa suoraan maton päälle, mutta NFC:n kantama on silti vain 3 cm. Matto havaitsee lisäksi erilaisia eleitä, kuten ilmaan piirretyt muodot. Laite kiinnitetään tietokoneeseen USB:llä tai Bluetoothilla.Tiimi julkaisi myös teknisemmän selityksen, jossa se avaa tarkemmin projektin käyttämää teknologiaa.Zanzibar kuulostaa kaiken kaikkiaan erittäin kiinnostavalta ja odotamme innolla, millaisia käytännön sovelluksia projektista keksitään. Jos Zanzibar onnistuu saavuttamaan potentiaalinsa, se saattaa muuttaa niin meidän kuin lastemmekin tavan käyttää tietokonetta.
Zanzibar saattaa myös hyvin päätyä parhaat älykkäät lelut -listallemme

Google kehittää uutta tablettikäyttöliittymää Chrome OS:lle

Google kehittää uutta tablettikäyttöliittymää Chrome OS:lle

Chrome OS-käyttöliittymä ei vaadi paljoa tehoa tai muistia, joten se on luonnollinen valinta hybridi-laitteeseen. Nyt käyttöliittymästä on tulossa entistäkin parempi uuden varta vasten tablettikäyttöön kehitetyn tilan ansiosta.Uusi kosketusystävällinen päivitys muistuttaa Androidia, sillä se on tehty käytettäväksi käsillä. Esimerkiksi sovellusvalikko aukeaa nyt automaattisesti koko ruudun kokoisena, joten voit painaa suoraan haluamaasi työkalua ilman ylimääräisiä eleitä.Myös kotipainiketta on päivitetty. Uudessa tilassa painikkeen näpäytys piilottaa välittömästi kaikki sovellusikkunat sen sijaan, että se pelkästään avaisi tai sulkisi sovellusikkunan vanhan käyttöliittymän tapaan. Se on pieni muutos, mutta säästää sinut monelta ylimääräiseltä painallukselta ja pyyhkäisyltä.
Osa artikkelimme linkeistä johtaa englanninkielisille sivuille. Teemme jatkuvasti töitä saadaksemme entistä useamman sivun suomen kielelle.
Päivitys tuli heti sen jälkeen, kun Googlen kerrottiin kehittävän kosketusystävällistä päivitystä Chrome-selaimelle. Uusi selainkin on saanut vaikutteita Androidista, sillä tiedot näytetään muista Googlen sovelluksista tuttuun tapaan “korteissa”. Lisäksi sen painikkeet ovat pyöristetyt ja entistä helppokäyttöisemmät kosketusnäytöillä.Chrome-käyttöliittymän julkaisupäivämäärä ei ole vielä selvillä, mutta selaimen pitäisi saapua syyskuun 2. päivä. Kerromme uudistuksista lisää heti, kun pääsemme kokeilemaan niitä.
Katso tästä vuoden parhaat chromebookitLähde: XDA Developers

Bästa laptop 2018: 15 bärbara datorer du ska välja i år

Bästa laptop 2018: 15 bärbara datorer du ska välja i år

Om du är på jakt efter en ny laptop att köpa har du kommit rätt! I vår lista över 2018 års bästa laptopar hittar du en mängd olika bärbara datorer, så att du kan få hjälp att välja en dator som passar dina behov.Vi har allt från de bästa gamingdatorerna till hybridmodeller som växlar mellan laptop- och surfplattsläge eller ultratunna laptopar med kraftfulla komponenter i slimmat format. Här finns något för alla.Dessutom har vi testat alla laptopar i den här guiden och valt ut enbart de bästa enheterna så att vi kan ge dig expertråd om vilka som är 2018 års bästa laptopar, och vi uppdaterar ständigt listan för att se till att de bästa nya laptoparna finns med.Redan i mars ser det ut som att 2018 kommer att bli ett fantastiskt år för laptopar, så nu är det hög tid att köpa en ny dator. Ta hjälp av vårt prisjämförelseverktyg för att få ett så bra pris som möjligt på de här schyssta datorerna.
Vissa länkar i den här artikeln tar dig till sidor skrivna på engelska. Vi arbetar hela tiden med att fler sidor ska visas på svenska.
2018 års bästa laptopar:
Dell XPS 13 har toppat vår lista över bästa laptopar tre år i rad och 2018 års version av Dells flaggskeppsmodell är inget undantag. Världens bästa laptop kommer nu i en tunnare och mer kraftfull version, med en enastående ny 4K-display och en läcker ny färg: En modell i Rose Gold och Alpine White kommer snart (recension på engelska).Den är dyrare än den tidigare versionen av XPS 13, men 2018 års modell kompenserar för det med kraftfulla 8:e generationens Intel-processorer, från i5 till i7, och med en nästan helt kantlös Infinity Edge-display som rymmer en 13,3-tums skärm i en 11-tumsmodell sticker Dell XPS 13 verkligen ut.Även när det gäller portar lyckas modellen bra. Jämfört med Apple, som bara använder USB-C, utrustar Dell utöver USB-C sin flaggskeppsmodell med USB 3.0 och den sällsynta SD-kortporten. Inte undra på att Dell XPS 13 är världens fortsatt mest populära Windows-laptop.Och bättre blir det. Du kan även välja en skärm med superhög upplösning eller multitouch-funktion samt en lång rad alternativ för lagringsutrymme och minne. Eller också kan du spara pengar genom att välja enklare alternativ.Läs hela recensionen: Dell XPS 13 (på engelska)
Med Asus ZenBook UX310UA får du en laptop till ett förmånligare pris än Dell XPS 13, utan att göra avkall på prestandan. Den har inte samma lyxiga känsla som Dell-datorn ovan och batteritiden är något sämre, men du får en enhet helt i aluminium med enastående prestanda från 7:e generationens Kaby Lake-processor.Du väljer själv om du vill ha i3- eller i5-varianten.Du får även välja mellan en full HD-display på 1080p eller en briljant 3200 x 1800-pixels QHD+-skärm med 30 procent fler pixlar jämfört med Apples 13-tums Retina-skärmar. Oavsett vilken modell du väljer är Asus ZenBook UX310UA en av de bästa laptoparna på marknaden.Läs hela recensionen: Asus Zenbook UX310UA (på engelska)
Om du är ute efter en billig laptop med någonting lite extra rekommenderar vi Lenovo Yoga Book 2017. Precis som på alla Yoga-enheter kan du vika skärmen så att den kan användas antingen som en surfplatta eller som en laptop. För att göra den mer mångsidig erbjuder Lenovo nu alternativet att köpa den med antingen Windows 10 eller Android 6.0. Du väljer operativsystem beroende på hur du planerar att använda enheten.Skärmen överstiger förväntningarna till det låga priset, och både tangentbordet och  touch-tangentbordet är fantastiskt.Det här är ett utmärkt val om du vill ha en billig enhet för enkla uppgifter, om du vill skapa konst med den inbyggda Wacom-ritplattan eller om du behöver en dator för att se på film på tågresan.Men om du behöver en kraftfullare enhet är det bättre att välja någon av alternativen ovan, eftersom Intel Atom-CPU:n ger lång batteritid, men inte lämpar sig så bra för snabba processer.Läs hela recensionen: Lenovo Yoga Book (på engelska)
Om du vill ha Apples senaste och bästa laptop ska du kolla in 13-tums Macbook Pro med Touch Bar. Enligt Microsoft är deras Surface Book 2 dubbelt så kraftfull som Apples flaggskepp MacBook Pro, men den har även ett högre utgångspris.Den mest spännande funktionen är såklart Touch Bar – en tunn OLED-display överst på tangentbordet som har en mängd användningsområden. Vad sägs om automatiska ordförslag när du skriver eller Touch-ID så att du kan logga in med bara ditt fingeravtryck.Om du älskar Macbook Pro 2017 kommer du att vara nöjd med den här modellen, men det finns ett antal bra skäl till att istället välja en Windows-modell. Den är som sagt inte lika kraftfull, den har lägre skärmupplösning än konkurrenterna och saknar touchfunktion, och dessutom är batteritiden lägre än förväntat.Om du inte har något emot att byta till PC är XPS 13 ett modernare och billigare alternativ. Men är du en trogen Apple-fantast är det här utan tvekan den bästa laptopen för dig!Läs hela recensionen: Apple Macbook med Touch Bar (2017) (på engelska)
Asus ROG Zephyrus är en del av en ny  generation av Max-Q gaming-laptopar 2017. Den är både absurt kraftfull och förvånansvärt tunn och lätt.Den är i och för sig stor jämfört med en Macbook Pro eller Dell XPS 13, men i förhållande till tidigare gaming-laptopar är den här Asus-modellen något av en sensation. Dina förväntningar på en 15-tums gaming-laptop ställs på ända när du ser vad Zephyrus kan åstadkomma. Den är självklart dyr, men med en kraftfull Core i7-CPU och GTX 1080-grafik kan du lätt spela de bästa spelen i många år framöver på den inbyggda 1080p-skärmen. Det är ett utmärkt val för att byta ut den stationära datorn, då den är både avancerad och, kanske för första gången, extremt bärbar.Läs hela recensionen: Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501 (på engelska)
Om du är ute efter en ny gaming-laptop och inte har råd med Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501 ovan rekommenderar vi Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming. Du får den för mindre än halva summan och den är helt fantastiskt prisvärd. Grafikkortet Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti har mer än tillräckliga prestanda för de allra bästa spelen på den inbyggda 1080p-skärmen, och tack vare Core i5-CPU:n går den som smort på Windows. För dig som reser mycket är den generösa batteritiden ett stort plus – batteriet räckte i nästan 8 timmar när vi tittade på HD-video. Efter två timmars spelande av Tom Clancy’s The Division med medelinställningar var batteriet fortfarande på 66 procent. Det är mycket bättre än konkurrenter på samma prisnivå. I mellanprisklassen är Dell Inspiron 15 7000 definitivt marknadens bästa laptop just nu.Läs hela recensionen: Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming (på engelska)
Det finns två goda kandidater till den bästa Chromebook-laptopen. Dels den förstklassiga Chromebook Pixel, som du kan läsa om längre ner på sidan, och dels den utmärkta Asus Chromebook Flip C302, som erbjuder högklassiga funktioner till ett mycket förmånligare pris. Många är överens om att Chromebook-datorer är perfekta budget-laptopar för studenter, och Asus Chromebook Flip C302 är helt klart en av de bästa Chromebook-enheterna, för att inte tala om laptoparna, som du kan köpa för pengar. Den har en Intel Core-processor, 1080p-display, touchskärm, tangentbord med bakgrundsbelysning och en USB-C-port.Läs hela recensionen: Asus Chromebook Flip (på engelska)
Surface Book 2 (13,5 tum) är nästa modell på vår lista över bästa laptopar, och det är välförtjänt för den här 2-i-1-laptopen från Microsoft som är en av världens mest kraftfulla laptopar.Surface Book 2 har tillräckliga prestanda för det mesta du behöver göra i vardagen, och om du väljer en modell med ett särskilt grafikkort klarar den även viss gaming och videoredigering. Enastående hårdvara och utmärkt batteritid gör den här enheten perfekt att använda både som laptop och som avancerad surfplatta med Windows 10. Den finns även i en 15-tumsversion som är kraftfullare och har större skärm, men den är för närvarande bara tillgänglig i USA. Om du vill ha en billigare 2-i-1-enhet rekommenderar vi att du kollar in Acer Switch 3 nedan.Läs hela recensionen: Microsoft Surface Book 2 (13,5 tum) (på engelska)
Om du gillar Microsoft Surface Book 2, men vill ha en mycket billigare variant är Acer Switch 3 2017 bästa alternativet för dig.Den är utformad efter samma princip som Surface Book 2, men har något lägre prestanda. Den fungerar dock utmärkt för de flesta användningsområden. Dessutom levereras 2-i-1-laptopen/surfplattan med det valbara tangentbordet, vilket ger ett ytterligare värde utan extra kostnad.Som vanligt kan du välja mellan flera olika versioner, där den dyrare varianten har USB Type-C, 8 GB RAM, en IPS-display och Intel Core i3 7100U-CPU.Läs hela recensionen: Acer Switch 3 (på engelska)
Årets version av MacBook är ännu en vinst för Apple, som återigen lyckas övertyga oss med en snygg design, enastående prestanda och klassledande batteritid.Apple har uppdaterat processorerna med Intels Kaby Lake-serie i 7:e generationen, vilket innebär att du får bättre prestanda och längre batteritid utan att gå miste om den tunna och lätta design som MacBook är känd för.MacBook 2017 är inte utformad enkom för produktivitet, som den mer kraftfulla och mångsidiga MacBook Pro eller en gamingdator som Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501, men den är ändå en av världens bästa laptopar just nu.Den är superlätt och smidig, så att du enkelt kan ta med den överallt, och använder nya macOS High Sierra.Om du är ute efter en MacBook är årets modell klart en av de bästa.Läs hela recensionen: Apple MacBook (på engelska)
Chromebook-enheterna är utformade som ett mindre komplicerat alternativ till en Windows-dator eller Mac, och har nått stor framgång de senaste åren på grund av sin användarvänlighet. Google Pixelbook är inget undantag. Den kostar dubbelt så mycket som en genomsnittlig enhet med Chrome OS, och tvärtemot vad man kan förvänta sig medföljer ingen penna.Trots det är Pixelbook en stabil enhet. Den har ett par Thunderbolt 3 USB-C-portar för tillbehör och supersnabb filöverföring, en vridbar skärm för att kunna se på film på flygresan och – kanske framför allt – stöd för Android-appar.En del funktioner behöver ännu lite finputsning, men med Pixelbook har du tillgång till hela Google Play-butiken, så du kan spela Sonic the Hedgehog och titta på film i VLC.Och med en batteritid på 7 timmar och 40 minuter (i vårt test) behöver du inte ladda datorn på en stund. Om du vill ha en billigare Chromebook är Asus Chromebook Flip (högre upp på sidan) ett utmärkt val. Läs hela recensionen: Google Pixelbook (på engelska)
Några av 2017 års allra bästa laptopar är 2-i-1-enheter och Lenovo sällar sig till skaran med den utmärkta Lenovo Yoga 920.Den har en fantastisk slimmad design och hårdvaran är av exceptionell kvalitet. Datorn kan vridas 360 grader, så att du kan omvandla den till en surfplatteliknande enhet. Den är i verklig mening flexibel.Den är billigare än Surface Book 2, och även om den inte är riktigt lika bra som surfplatta är det en stabil enhet med utmärkt kraft och batteritid.Den är definitivt ett fullgott alternativ och klart en av de bästa laptoparna vi har sett i år.Läs hela recensionen: Lenovo Yoga 920 (på engelska)
Du kanske trodde att ”billig Ultrabook” var en motsägelse. Det är en vanlig missuppfattning som Acer nu ställer på ända med Swift 3.Företaget har tagit aluminiumhöljet från Acer Swift 7 (recension på engelska) och fyllt det med billigare komponenter till allas glädje.Den kör inte macOS (recension på engelska), men bortsett från det överträffar Acer Swift 3 den gamla MacBook Air (recension på engelska) i nästan alla avseenden, inte minst den svårslagna prislappen.Acer var självklart tvungna att skära ned på vissa finesser för att kunna hålla ett så lågt pris, så du kan inte förvänta dig någon Ultra HD-display eller fantastisk ljudkvalitet, men prestandan är bra nog för att mäta sig med Surface Laptop (recension på engelska).På CES 2018 kikade vi också lite på 2018 års version av Swift 7 (recension på engelska), som har uppgraderad grafik och processorkraft. Den kan ha en given plats i vår lista när den lanseras senare i år.Läs hela recensionen: Acer Swift 3 (på engelska)
Om du är ute efter en Windows-laptop till ett överkomligt pris som du lätt kan bära med dig i väskan hela dagen är Asus Transformer Mini T102HA en fantastisk enhet. Ärligt talat är det inte världens snabbaste laptop, så tro inte att du ska kunna använda den för videoredigering. Men den duger helt klart för enkla vardagssysslor. Precis som övriga 2-i-1-datorer på listan kan den även omvandlas till en surfplatta, och du kan välja om du vill ta med tangentbordet eller inte. Det medföljer som standard, så du behöver inte betala extra för det.Läs hela recensionen: Asus Transformer Mini T102HA (på engelska)
Om du gillar utseendet hos XPS 13 överst i listan, men behöver en större dator med bättre grafik kan Dell XPS 15 2017 vara den bästa laptopen för dig.Den har samma Infinity Edge-teknik, skärmen sträcker sig ända ut till datorns kant, vilket innebär att den är så liten en 15-tums laptop kan bli 2017.Men den är rätt dyr, beroende på vilken version du väljer. Den bästa versionen har en 4K-display med korrekta färger, vilket gör den perfekt för grafisk design, och det går bra att spela på den om du använder låg upplösning eller medelinställningar.Läs hela recensionen: Dell XPS 15 (på engelska)
Vilken sorts laptop passar dig?
Vanliga laptopar: Kolla in de bästa billiga laptoparna (på engelska). De här enheterna är snarare praktiska än snygga, bärbara eller kraftfulla. Det betyder inte att de inte kan vara snabba, men du har större chans att hitta en vanlig vikbar laptop med HD-skärm och hårddisk för under 5 000 kronor.Ultrabook-datorer: Här hittar du tunna och lätta laptopar med SSD-lagring och skärmupplösning på över 1080p. Med kraftfulla, mobilanpassade komponenter och särdeles lång batteritid har de bästa Ultrabook-enheterna (på engelska) ett väl tilltaget pris – mellan 6 000 och 20 000 kronor.2-i-1-datorer: Bärbara datorer som även fungerar som surfplattor. Även om Surface Book 2 inte är här än (på engelska) finns det många bra 2-i-1-datorer (på engelska) redan nu. De här hybriderna har både avtagbara och 360 graders vridbara skärmar och är det mest flexibla sättet att uppleva Windows 10 (eller Chrome OS) på en touchskärm.Chromebook-datorer: Här hittar du de bästa Chromebook-datorerna (på engelska) med Chrome OS. De klarar av det mesta som Windows och macOS gör i webbläsaren, med fokus på molnlagring istället för lokal lagring, och nyligen lades stöd för Android-appar till på modeller med touchskärm. De kostar vanligtvis mindre än 2 500 kronor och en del av dem tål även lite hårdare tag (engelska).Gaming-laptopar: Är du på jakt efter en laptop som klarar av spel (nästan) lika bra som en stationär dator? Då ska du kolla in de bästa gaming-laptoparna (på engelska). De här maskinerna kostar vanligtvis mellan 6 500 och 30 000 kronor, och är troligtvis först med att utnyttja AMD:s Ryzen-processorer för laptopar (på engelska).Laptop-surfplattehybrider: De bästa Windows-surfplattorna (på engelska) har utformats som surfplattor i första hand till hybrider mellan laptopar och surfplattor. De har touchskärmar med över HD-kvalitet, en del har inbyggda ställ och andra har ställ som även fungerar som tangentbordsskydd. Vanligtvis medföljer en penna, och priserna sträcker sig från budget till de högre prisklasserna.

Apple Mac Pro release date has been confirmed for 2019

Apple Mac Pro release date has been confirmed for 2019

If you were holding out for that new Mac Pro this year, either pick up an iMac Pro or hold out for a bit longer. Apple has confirmed to TechCrunch that the Mac Pro release date will land somewhere in 2019.“We want to be transparent and communicate openly with our pro community so we want them to know that the Mac Pro is a 2019 product,” Apple Senior Director of Mac Hardware Product Marketing Tom Boger said to TechCrunch. “It’s not something for this year.”To be clear, Apple wisely never explicitly promised a Mac Pro release for 2018 in its earlier messaging. Simply, Apple Phil Schiller said in early 2017 that they “want to do something great … that will take longer than this year to do.”TechCrunch then goes on in its report to depict several hours worth of demonstrations and lectures regarding the direction and development of the new Mac Pro. In particular, Apple was focused on intimating just how closely the Mac Pro is developed with users’ workflows in mind.
Software and hardware: reunited, and it feels so good
Apple showed off to TechCrunch a new division of the product development arm for the Mac Pro project, the Pro Workflow Team, which reports into Apple’s VP of Hardware Engineering John Ternus.This team focuses on ensuring that Apple’s software development is able to make the most of the hardware that the engineering team is developing and designing, not to mention that the functions they want to enable are supported by the engineering team. To that end, it’s reported that this team sits just doors away from the hardware staff. Not to mention that the Pro Workflow Team is also meeting with customers (and hiring said customers on contract and full-time) to understand how they work and what’s needed by their computers.Judging by the full feature, which you should absolutely read, Apple is taking an immense amount of care in creating the successor to the 2013 Mac Pro. Here’s to hoping we hear more about it between now and 2019.
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Apple macOS 10.13.4 renders key third-party display products useless

Apple macOS 10.13.4 renders key third-party display products useless

Thousands of Mac users are crying foul at Apple following the release of macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 having rendered key third-party display products and services useless. Particularly, neither DisplayLink docking products nor the Duet Display Mac app are working in this latest version.A DisplayLink product manager responded to complaints on its own support forums, confirming that macOS 10.13.4 is to blame for the error, and that it’s working on a fix. This update specifically renders the display capabilities of its docks inert, while other functions remain unaffected.“In the meantime, we are releasing a new driver [4.3] that will enable clone mode, but not mirror or extended mode displays in 10.13.4,” the product manager writes. “If you require mirror or extended mode displays, we recommend that you stay on macOS 10.13.3 at this time.”
iPad extended displays aren’t working either
Meanwhile, Duet Display – a $19.99 (£9.99) Mac App store program that, for another 20 bucks a month, can act as your Mac’s second display via Lightning cable – isn’t working either. Following the macOS 10.13.4 update, the Duet client app hangs without starting.Duet Display developer Duet Inc. is advising its customers to refrain from upgrading to the latest macOS so as to avoid the issue, according to MacRumors, as well as contact Apple directly through its bug reporting features.Worse off is that desktop extension apps, like Air Display and iDisplay, are also reportedly experiencing related issues, also according to MacRumors. The website also cites speculation in said discussions around these issues that Apple’s eGPU support in the operating system update is to blame.As far as we can tell, it doesn’t seem like macOS 10.13.4 has affected external display connected directly to MacBooks through mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt.We’ve contacted Apple for comment and will update this story should we receive a response.Regardless, it’s wise to avoid updating to macOS 10.13.4 if you use any of the aforementioned products or apps to extend your Mac’s display. If you already updated when Apple released the version last week, you can revert to the previous version of macOS using the Time Machine feature – that is, assuming you backed up before updating. Which, you did, right?
Here’s everything we hope for from macOS 10.14Via SlashDot

Apple’s plan for Mac processors built in-house is reportedly code-named ‘Kalamata’

Apple’s plan for Mac processors built in-house is reportedly code-named ‘Kalamata’

Apple is reportedly deep into plans to replace the Intel processors that it currently places inside its iMac and MacBook computers with chips of its own, according to Bloomberg sources. The initiative to make this change happen is reportedly known internally as ‘Kalamata’, is in developmental stages. However, generating new processor designs and then fabricating them successfully takes more than a year and a half practically.According to Bloomberg’s sources, this is part of a larger strategy to make all of Apple’s devices work more seamlessly together and will likely be carried out over multiple phases.
More affirmation of a monumental shift
This news follows previous reports that Apple has been planning to rid itself of reliance on Intel regarding its computers. Even without those previous reports, Apple’s intent to do this has been made quite obvious by previous hardware designs.Apple is now two generations into integrating its own co-processor for Mac computers, the T1 and the T2. The former being found in the 2016-onward MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, controlling its Touch ID function, and the latter being inside the new iMac Pro, managing its secure enclave and webcam performance.It’s obvious that Apple, with its gobs of cash on hand, would be interested in spending said cash to eliminate ways in which it is losing cash. Providing Intel with 5% of its annual revenue – by Bloomberg’s measure – is revenue Apple would surely much rather keep in its pocket.Any details as to what these processors may be, e.g. whether ARM-based or x86-based designs, are not known at the moment. However, judging from Apple’s deep, intense experience with ARM processors, we have a solid guess.Further to that point, Apple’s plan to bring iOS apps to Mac has been reportedly given the ‘Marzipan’ codename internally, and using ARM processors – even co-processors – would sure make that easier.Of course, both Intel and Apple refused to comment. Here’s to one or two more years of Macs with Intel processors inside – get to collecting, Apple geeks.
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Samsung launches the Notebook 5 and Notebook 3 for “everyday premium” computing

Samsung launches the Notebook 5 and Notebook 3 for “everyday premium” computing

Samsung has a couple of new mid-range Windows 10 laptops for your consideration, to sit alongside the Notebook 7 Spin and the Notebook 9 in its portfolio. While they won’t break any performance records, they’ll see you right for “everyday computing” and “casual gaming”, Samsung says.You can pick up the Notebook 3 with a 14-inch or 15.6-inch screen, while the Notebook 5 sticks with just a 15.6-inch screen. That’s with a 720p resolution on the small display and a 1080p on the larger one (the 15.6-inch Notebook 3 lets you choose).Under the hood you’ve got your choice of 8th or 7th generation Intel processors – you can go right up to an Intel i7 with discrete Nvidia MX110 or Nvidia MX150 graphics, so it is possible to trick these laptops out to a fairly advanced spec if you want to. As yet the RAM and storage options haven’t been announced.
Room for your fingers
Design-wise, Samsung has gone for a familiar, simple but stylish approach. You do get a full-sized keyboard, complete with number pad, on these laptops – so they’d suit someone who has to chew through spreadsheets, type lengthy documents, or do anything else that requires a lot of keyboard work.If you don’t need the latest and greatest specs – particularly in terms of screen resolution – then these laptops should do the job for you. As yet we don’t have any details on price though, so it’s hard to weigh them up against their rivals.Samsung says the Notebook 3 and Notebook 5 models are going on sale in South Korea and other “select countries” this month, with wider availability in the second quarter of the year. The Notebook 3 comes in Misty Gray, Night Charcoal, Deep Peach, or Pure White, while the Notebook 5 sticks to Light Titan.
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