Technology Behind Sports Medicine

Technology Behind Sports Medicine

Athletes And Technology

Texas Football InjuryInjuries are uncontrolled in several sports, from hard-hitting crashes in football to muscle alterations in basketball and soccer. Thus far, fans and athletes alike have recognized how injuries plague professional sports players. It is among the reasons why athletes are paid millions annually — they put their bodies on the line for amusement and the teams success. While it’s extremely entertaining, there are many medical set backs that can be encountered. Considering the new wave of medical technology and the ability to recover at faster rates, it’s no wonder why sports teams are investing millions to on staff medical advisors.

Trainers know that the possibility of an accident is quite real whenever they match up. Fortunately, technology is advancing sports injury recovery and prevention to the point at which they can dread a whole lot less. We’ve seen sports and technology overlap in regions lately, such as immediate replay and discussions of practice umpires in baseball farther down the road, though tech’s influence on the sports health area was more understated — up to now.

At a quick speed, sports teams are increasingly utilizing technology and emerging approaches to increase injury prevention and healing. From the worldwide sport medicine market, which is likely to rise to $8.3 billion by 2019, it is no surprise. Professional sports teams are looking for High Performance Chiropractic Care for their athletes for spinal and neck injuries. The Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is known for his commitment to player health and has neck and spind injury professionals on the field at all time in the event one of the starting players is injured. Spinal and neck injuries account for many career ending injuries and proper treatment during the rehibilitation effort is required. Other Texas sports teams are following the lead of the Dallas Cowboys. The San Antonio Spurs superstar Tim Duncan often suffered from lowewr back pain and had sought high performance chiropractic care throughout his career. The new World Champions, Houston Astros also had chiropractic tables in the club house for players during the 2017 World Series.

Digital Modeling

In baseball, arm injuries are among the very common for gamers. This is particularly true for pitchers, with lots of undergoing Tommy John surgery annually to substitute their ulnar collateral ligament. To stop this in the first place, many clubs are choosing to utilize digital modeling to discover a supply for arm and elbow injuries.

In football, a comparable methodology is being used for before detection of concussions in gamers. It is likely this progress will last to coincide with the NFL’s newly recognized concussion protocols.

Aquatic Therapy

The Dallas Cowboys aren’t any stranger to accidents, especially in respect to their gifted but oft-injured ex-quarterback Tony Romo. Dez Bryant InjuryCowboys owner Jerry Jones always needs the very best, therefore interest surrounded coastal treatment as it was introduced the Cowboys have used it regularly to deal with and prevent accidents.

Team members utilize a HydroWorx 2000 pool at a brand-new training facility to hasten the rehabilitation procedure. This pool enables digital video monitoring of an athlete in motion undergoing water-flow immunity and varying floor motions. Raising and lowering the ground is conducive to postsurgical exercise sessions, some thing that the Cowboys took a fantastic interest in if investing from the facility that is state-of-the-art.

Wearable Monitors

A growing tendency in sports health technology is using frequent gear, such as mouthpieces and helmets, together with built-in technologies that collects biomechanical information to assemble information regarding brain injuries. This enables coaches to establish personalized coaching programs for players which could help minimize injuries, instead of just imagining just how far along a participant is at the concussion protocol.

neck and back injuryYou can find even clever socks which use cloth pressure detectors to rate the odds of a working injury. With technology like Fitbit becoming popular amongst the general public, it is not surprising that athletes have started to adopt wearable technologies which could track data and performance to find out when an injury might be imminent.

Tech continues to play an increasing part in reducing injury and healing period in athletics, from aquatic therapy pools assisting with healing time to electronic modeling which monitors arm wellness or concussion status. Sports lovers can expect this kind of tech’s existence to keep on growing bigger in the next several years.

Corporate Data Destruction Services

Corporate Data Destruction Services

Secure Data Destruction

In this digital age, it is becoming more and more difficult to safeguard private information. Whether you are concerned about your social security number, your credit card number or vital information regarding your work, it is imperative that you take steps to protect fundamental data.

You may think you’re safe; you don’t make online purchases and your destroying private datawork accounts have difficult passwords but don’t think that unscrupulous people won’t find a way to track and steal your important info. Throw items in the recycling bin? Discarding old floppy discs in the trash? Even information you may not consider to be used in a compromising way may be just what the crooks are looking for. How can you protect yourself and your business from computer hackers and untoward criminals? Seeking out one of many data destruction companies may also be a viable option.

Data destruction entails the elimination of data stored on tapes, hard disks and other forms of electronic media. To make sure it is destroyed to industry standards, it must be totally unreadable and cannot be accessed or used for unauthorized purposes. Destruction of data should be left to the professionals since they are accurately aware of the deceitful practices of lawbreakers. Not only is your digital information at risk on your computer, but any written information that is retrievable from a trash or recycling bin. There are companies that can recycle WEEE—also known as waste electrical and electronic equipment to ensure it is disposed of properly as well as any physical data that may be susceptible to theft.

Even reputable companies are interested in your information; simple data like your likes and dislikes can be ascertained by your online presence. Marketing companies can use this information to cater to your likes, tailoring advertising to suit your tastes or your online searches. This, of course, is legal, however, there are companies and individuals who don’t have to advertise in mind; they are seeking to steal information for less than legitimate reasons.

Computers are amazing and have changed the face of business forever. They are relatively new in the grand scheme of business and may contain sensitive data that is not limited to just the hard drives. Forgotten information from the technology of yesterday—discs, even dot-matrix printouts—can be used to gather the data that could be used to infiltrate your business or personal details, compromising their integrity and safety. You might think you are safe if you delete information from your computer but it can be retrieved. Sensitive work reports, credit card numbers, emails –all can be recovered from hard drives that had previously been reformatted, deleted or erased. Safeguarding this information is imperative and the only way to effectively remove electronic data is to crush or shred hard drives, making the information non-recoverable. 

To safeguard important information, search for a professional data controller. A data controller is either a person or a company that is in charge of the complaint destruction of data. It would be preferable if the data could be disposed of onsite but unless the data controller works for the company, that option is not very likely, especially for smaller companies. Instead, the majority of data controllers are companies hired by other companies to destroy their sensitive information. There are many different services these companies provide, including Binary wiping, also known as data erasure. Essentially, it is a process using a software-based method to overwrite the data to be removed and destroys all electronic data residing on a hard disk drive or other digital media.

hard drive data destructionAnother option is the disassembling of equipment, the equivalent of mechanical shredding. To discard of physical data, paper shredding can provide protection against data loss, fraud, and identity theft as well as confidential records. This will save you storage space as well since you will no longer have to house old, unused computers and hard drives and better yet, hackers will not be able to copy view or steal your old computers or hard drives. Regular destruction of information protects you, your business, your clients and employees from identity theft, as well as other fraudulent activity. A data controlling company alleviates the need for employees to shred documents and keeps the information from employees that may not be privy to classified documents.

Additionally, your employees would not be responsible if information actually was breached; that responsibility would fall on the data controlling company. They are also culpable for any non-compliant destruction; it must be to industry standards. By using an outsourced company to decimate your documents and outdated technology, you will save money in the long run. You are not paying employees to shred and destroy these documents, nor do you have to pay for the equipment to get the tasks done. In addition, you do not have to dispose or recycle the contents; this is left to the data controller. If you are ridding of paper documents, a data controller may have a special program that ensures that the paper that is destroyed will be recycled. This waste is sent to a recycling center that is compliant with state and federal regulations. Not all shredding companies offer this service; it is best to check.

There are companies that even come to you to help dispose of your old information and documents; these are mobile data controllers. They can get rid of your discs, documents, hard drives—any information can be completed on your premises and can show you via camera the real-time destruction of your property. You will want to review the company’s reputation and review the services they offer to ensure they meet your particular needs. A reputable data controlling company first discuss with you your personal or company needs regarding data destruction. And after the completion of the process, the controller should offer you a certification of destruction, to ensure that your information has been disposed of in a compliant manner. While the actual destruction of data is the service you pay for, the peace of mind of knowing that your information will not fall into the wrong hands is priceless.

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Everything You Want to Know About Fibromyalgia

Everything You Want to Know About Fibromyalgia

There’s absolutely no definitive diagnostic test for fibromyalgia that may determine for sure which FMS is the origin of the signs. Fibromyalgia is a intricate disorder involving many symptoms and is essentially a rule-out diagnosis. A rule out identification usually means that you can’t definitively diagnosis fibromyalgia based on any 1 evaluation, symptom, or evaluation. There are lots of conditions which may mimic and present like fibro, and needs to be ruled out until the diagnosis is authoritative. Some of the ailments include autoimmune disorders, tick-borne disease, genetic deficiencies as well as many others. Some common ailments to rule out comprise lymes disease, lupus, irritable bowl ailments, arthritis, and many others. Diagnosis is going to be discussed in additional detail individually in the publication.

Many physicians, research workers, and associations have attempted to Determine the main cause of FMS. FMS affects mostly girls and generally the symptoms start in young adulthood. However, as with the majority of medical problems, I believe that we over-complicate things. Within this novel, I’ll attempt to describe complicated medical conditions, hypothesis and remedies in simple to comprehend terminology and recommendations.

There are a lot of elaborate medical words and massive theories that we could utilize to inform you about fibromyalgia. It’d make me seem smart and just like I understood what I was referring to, but it would not help you all that much. Plus, the majority of those large words are only Latin that us physicians use to make ourselves seem smart. I’d love to describe fibromyalgia for you in easy terms. I believe anybody that has been diagnosed with fibro, believes they might have fibro, or even has a buddy with fibro, understands that if you have 10 physicians in an area to go over fibro, four would not feel that fibro exists, and then you’d get 10 opinions in another six physicians. But, I think that it’s readily explainable; we simply attempt to over-complicate the matter.

Fibromyalgia is a disease, Which is made up of an overly busy, excessively sensitive nervous system. That’s it! I could not make it a lot easier. Fibromyalgia is made up of a human body’s very own nervous system over-reacting. Your body can endure about 6 weeks with no food, approximately 6 weeks without water, about 6 minutes with no heart, and approximately 6 milliseconds with no nervous system. The nervous system is the master control of what that your body does. The brain sends messages through this management system, along with the cells send back messages, which forms the two-way communicating, that is the heart of health and life. This messages allows the mind track and capture everything that each small cell is performing, and it creates adjustments, or corrects, depending on the data it receives. This program lets our mind track, adapt, and enhance our environment and health.

1 way I inform my patients To consider this would be to envision a garden hose coming from the front of your residence. The sprinkler is similar to the smaller nerves which supply the cells that are smaller. Now, it’s essential for the bud to find the perfect quantity of water. A great deal of individuals in my clinic come to see me having a pinched nerve. Today, pinched nerves are similar to somebody standing on the nozzle. The water does not come out as far as it needs to, and the water does not provide the bud its nutrition, it wilts, and dies. Pinched nerves are extremely similar. Water flying up in the air, all around the area, putting a great deal of pressure on sprinkler mind, and probably giving far too much water into the bud. And what’s going to happen if you continue over mowing the grass like that? It is going to also acquire brown and die. The firehouse into a sprinkler is your best analogy that I could give to fibromyalgia. The nervous system is hyper active.

Just we’ll be speaking about identification shortly; nonetheless, among those definitive diagnostic evaluations for fibro is your cause point evaluation. Fundamentally, the evaluation finds, if specific points within your system are over-sensitive. This is analyzing the nervous systems reaction. Should you touch a certain part of the body, at a specific way, your nerves ought to react a certain way. Back in fibro patients, these particular points with a particular pressure, elicit a more reactive and more sensitive reaction. This shows the human body’s hyperactive condition. Scientifically, this notion was shown by many studies, that have shown an elevated amount of substance P, a neurotransmitter in the brain and spinal cord which leads to pain.

This over energetic nervous system is more responsive to pain compared to a standard nervous system. Additionally, the elevated amounts of substance P, inform us that the brain and spinal cord are causing more pain. My neurology teacher in grad faculty told our class that when our mind confessed all of the pain that our nerves felt daily, we’d go crazy. In actuality, it’s been demonstrated in studies which 99 percent of all pain signals listed by the nerves have been disregarded at the mind. The mind is normally attempting to safeguard us from all of the pain that we believe. The nerves do a fantastic job at tracking all that happens in the human body particularly pain signals. To choose which are significant and which aren’t. Regrettably, with FMS those edits do not appear to be operating, and the individual feels a whole lot greater than is generally tolerable.

Naturally there are additional hypothesis for the origin of fibromyalgia. Some physicians have indicated that fibro happens because of chronic of preceding infection, some assert sleep disturbances may cause this, and a few even feel that there’s a hereditary component. More research will be performed, however many are from the overall agreement that the nervous system is crucial, and that it’s overreacting. Nonetheless, this is my view based on years of clinical expertise and the research that’s been performed. Unfortunately like many facets of FMS, there’s not any definitive widely considered root cause of FMS, but most research and opinions studies have proven an over-active nervous system as the reason for fibromyalgia.

Dr. Cody Elledge has been a chiropractor in OKC for more than seven years. He’s a writer for chiropractic economics as well as regular public speaker, and has done medical test for UPS and other big businesses.

PCI DSS Tokenization

PCI DSS Tokenization

Tokenization Explained

PCI DSS Tokenization

It has become apparent that PCI DSS tokenization has started affecting businesses processing payments in a manner we could have never dreamed of. Big banks have marketed the use and connivence of credit cards and debit cards to the point that consumers are less and less likely to carry cash and check writing is almost a thing of the past. The processing of digital currency ahas led to may great things, but has also become a bit of liability in regards to security. There are many uses for encrypted currency and tokenization, which has prompted discussions within the online communities on how to reduce the impact that PCI DSS tokenization can have on a business.

Keeping Your Clients Data Safe

Passing off the responsibility of processing customer/client payments on your network and onto another just might be the #1 way for your business to free yourself from liability and keep your clients/customers data safe and secure. Tokenization is the process of replacing client/customer credit and debit card information with proprietary strings of encrypted data that can not be reversed engineered. Meaning, if this sensitive data were to fall into the hands of criminals, the data packets could not be revealed. Tokens store the last few digits of a credit/debit cards information so that the card can be identified for processing, this gives businesses the ability to setup recurring billing cycles on their own servers without having to store complete card numbers.


The PCI DSS Tokenization 3 Step Process As Referenced From PCISecurityStandars.org

Compliance For PCI DSSAssess: Identifying cardholder data, taking an inventory of IT assets and business processes for payment card processing, and analyzing them for vulnerabilities.
Remediate: Fixing vulnerabilities and eliminating the storage of cardholder data unless absolutely necessary.
Report: Compiling and submitting required reports to the appropriate acquiring bank and card brands.


PCI Tokenization vs. Encryption

Tokenization was not developed to replace encryption. They both have their own unique purpose in regards to online security. In my opinion PCI DSS tokenization seems to be a more secure alternative however to encryption. Tokenization however can be very taxing on networks and hardware, at the end of the day it does require more resources and a greater financial commitment from the business looking to provide and process on site tokenization services. Tokenization should be the preferred method however for extremely high risk data like credit cards and banking information. Data can also be stored in cloud based shells offsite.


Best gaming mouse 2019: the best gaming mice we’ve tested

Best gaming mouse 2019: the best gaming mice we’ve tested

If you already own one of the best gaming PCs on the market, it’s tempting to grab the cheapest mouse you can find at your local big box store. But, this isn’t a wise move. Gaming peripherals are a big part of how immersive and smooth your gaming experience is, and you need to put the same level of commitment into picking a good gaming mouse as you do with the bigger, more expensive purchases. Everything attached to your powerhouse rig should be of comparable quality. Oh, and while you’re at it, you may want to pick up one of the best gaming mouse pads as well. As far as your potential gaming mouse, keep an eye open for one that can balance price and performance, while packing in some unique features. There’s an age-old myth that the most expensive mouse on the shelf is going to be the best one, but that’s just not true. Just take a look at the SteelSeries Sensei 310 – it has all the performance you could ask for at less than the price of a new AAA game.So, we put together a list of the best gaming mice we tested and reviewed in the last few months. No matter what kind of games you’re into, you’ll find the best gaming mouse to satisfy your gaming needs right here on this list. Be sure to keep checking back, as we’ll be adding to this list throughout the year.
Image Credit: TechRadarWhen it comes to the best gaming mice, features, balance and performance are all there in equal measure in the SteelSeries Rival 710, which easily tops our list. This heavyweight gaming mouse might be a bit expensive, but when you weigh that price tag against the customizable OLED display, haptic feedback – great for you MOBA players – and excellent build quality, the SteelSeries Rival 710 is easily worth the price and more. The kicker? Everything is modular, even down to the sensor, so you never have to feel like you’re missing out on the latest tech.Read the full review: SteelSeries Rival 710 
Image Credit: TechRadarThe SteelSeries Sensei 310 is a gaming mouse like no other, both in terms of price and performance. The low cost of admission keeps it at about the same price that you’d expect to pay for a new game, and with that, you also get its out-of-this-world TrueMove 3 optical sensor, making it almost impossible to compete with. This mouse, with no preference when it comes to dexterity, is unrivalled when it comes to real-world sensitivity. You can even pick up the SteelSeries Rival 310 if you want similar performance, but a more right-handed approach to dexterity.  Read the full review: SteelSeries Sensei 310 
Image Credit: CorsairIn our humble opinion, the best gaming mice are always going to be the ones that deliver excellent performance at a price that won’t burn a massive hole in your pocket. And, the Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless is the poster child for price-to-performance ratio. At less than 50 bucks, you’re getting a wireless mouse that doesn’t suck, has RGB lighting and touts a long battery life. The ergonomics are specifically for right-handed users, but at this price and with this level of performance, there’s little to complain about. Read the full review: Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless
Image Credit: LogitechAesthetically, you generally have two main options when you’re shopping around for the best gaming mouse: you can pick up a high-performing mouse that looks like it would fit in the office, or you can pick up a mouse that looks like something out of a Sci-Fi film. The Logitech G502 fits firmly in that later category. But, don’t let that scare you away. With adjustable weights and a jaw-dropping 16,000 DPI sensor, this gaming mouse backs its otherworldly looks with excellent performance. It’s not perfect if you have huge hands, but beyond that, this one has our vote for one of the best gaming mice out there.  Read the full review: Logitech G502 Hero 
Image Credit: TechRadarWe’ve given the Roccat Kova Aimo high scores for solid build quality, customizability and great gaming performance that gets even better after some tweaking in the Roccat Swarm software. It’s white version looks uncannily like those scary robots from iRobot, but the solid black one is smart-looking and will definitely fit any set-up. LED light fans might find it wanting in terms, but this gaming mouse’s ambidexterity more than makes for its very minimal flaws. All things considered, it’s one of the best gaming mice we’ve tested this 2019 so far.Read the full review: Roccat Kova Aimo
Image Credit: Cooler MasterIf you need one of the best gaming mice, but are looking to save some cash at the same time – the Cooler Master MasterMouse MM520 might be an ideal option and a terrific addition to your gaming set-up. It won’t win any beauty contests, but packing quality Omron switches and a reasonably sensitive sensor capable of up to 12,000 DPI makes it a great value, which in turn makes it’s easy to look past the unappealing design – especially if you use a claw grip.Read the full review: Cooler Master MasterMouse MM520 
Image Credit: TechRadarHave you been sticking it out in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth? You’re going to want to take a look at the Razer Naga Trinity. Razer’s Naga mice have always been fan favorites in the MMO community, but the manufacturer didn’t just stop there. With the Naga Trinity, you get three easily swappable side plates, so that you can change your mouse to fit the game you’re playing. Add in the insane 16,000 DPI sensor and Razer Chroma RGB lighting, and you’ll be topping the DPS meters in no time.Read the full review: Razer Naga Trinity 
Image Credit: TechRadarIf you find yourself snickering at some of the ridiculous-looking gaming mice available in 2019, you should take a look at the HyperX Pulsefire Surge RGB. Featuring extremely reliable Omron switches and stunning RGB lighting – not to mention an incredible 16,000 DPI sensor – you’re scoring one of the best gaming mice for an excellent price. Plus, it’ll fit into any office, at least once you turn down the lighting effects. Read the full review: HyperX Pulsefire Surge RGB 
Image Credit: CorsairGot big hands? Then you’re probably here looking for a gaming mouse that’s right for them. We understand; most of the best gaming mice on the market are either too small or too light, or even a bit of both. To make matters worse (for you, at least), some of the big mice out there are packed with gratuitous buttons and weird shapes that make them look like they just walked straight out of a Transformers movie. The Corsair Ironclaw takes care of all of that. It’s an attractive mouse for big-hand users that you won’t have to throw inside your desk drawer whenever you have company. It’s tough as well, so you don’t need to worry about breaking it if you’re a bit too rough while gaming.Read the full review: Corsair Ironclaw RGB
Image Credit: Michelle Rae UyWhen you take stock of all its useful features, it might shock you that the Gigabyte Aorus M5 will only set you back $69 and change. This good-looking gaming mouse, among the best value gaming mouse we’ve gotten our hands on this year, is not only highly customizable, and offers great ergonomics and fun RGB lighting. It also boasts an adjustable weight distribution system, on-the-fly DPI adjustments and Omron switches tested for 50 million clicks. And it doesn’t even end there. If you’re in the market for a mouse that gives you more bang for your buck, this is it.Read the full review: Gigabyte Aorus M5

How to choose the best gaming mouse
While you’ll definitely find the best gaming mouse of your gaming dreams, doing so will take a bit of time and some effort. There’s a ton of complicated technical jargon that goes into the best gaming mice – terms like polling rates and DPI ratings that a regular buyer might not be familiar with. For the record, you’ll want a higher number of both, but these two terms mean drastically different things.For newcomers to the world of PC gaming, when you see the term DPI, that is shorthand for ‘dots per inch.’ The higher the number, the wider the range wherein you can specify your how sensitive your mouse is. If you don’t have a lot of desk space available, but you still want accuracy and precision, then opt for a gaming mouse featuring a higher DPI rating. Of course, you can always toggle a lower DPI too.Meanwhile, a high polling rate means you’re getting faster response times. The polling rate is measured in hertz, so it usually ranges from around 125 to 1,000Hz. The latter means that your mouse’s position is reported to your computer 1,000 times per second. Other key gaming mouse factors you’ll want to consider are ergonomics – particularly if you’re left-handed – and RGB lighting.Bill Thomas, Gabe Carey and Michelle Rae Uy have also contributed to this article
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Playdate handheld is an indie-powered Game Boy for the 21st century

Playdate handheld is an indie-powered Game Boy for the 21st century

If you long for the good old days of simple games which place fun and imagination above everything else, then today is your lucky day, because a new indie-focused handheld is coming from videogame-publisher Panic, the company behind Firewatch and Untitled Goose Game, and it aims to bring Game Boy-style charm to the 21st century.Revealed today, Playdate is a small, yellow handheld with a simple directional pad, two main face buttons and an innovate hand-crank which is sure to open up new and exciting gameplay avenues. It’s also got a high-end black-and-white display which promises to be much more advanced than a Game Boy screen, with Panic telling The Verge that “it has no grid lines, no blurring, is extremely sharp and clear, and has much higher resolution,” further stating that, “It sounds odd to say, but: it’s truly a ‘premium’ black-and-white screen.”
Build and code a retro games handheld with this BBC Micro Bit add-onThe DIY Game Boy clone that could change handheld gamingHow Sony tried (and failed) to beat Nintendo at handheld gamingThe Playdate. Image credit: PanicA new way to receive games
Another innovative element to the Playdate is how you’ll get games, with Panic explaining that the portable console plans implement a TV show-style delivery system for its games, with one new title arriving on the device per week for a total of 12 weeks in what it’s calling ‘Season One’. Each subsequent season will include a new collection of games, and is expected to incur an additional cost.So far, only one title has been announced for this first season – Crankin’s Time Travel Adventure from Katamari Damacy-creator Keita Takahashi – though the company has revealed that its handheld will include new games from renowned game designers Zach Gage (Typeshift), Bennett Foddy (QWOP) and Shaun Inman (The Last Rocket).The company plans to keep these games a secret until they arrive on the handheld in an effort to surprise its customers, simply stating that, “Some are short, some long, some are experimental, some traditional. All are fun.”Playdate and its first season of games will launch in early 2020 and will be priced at $149 (around £118 / AU$217).
Best games of 2019: our favorite PC and console games of the year

Netflix vs Stan, Foxtel Now and Amazon Prime: Australian streaming services compared

Netflix vs Stan, Foxtel Now and Amazon Prime: Australian streaming services compared

UPDATE: Stan has raised the price of its Premium package, which will now set you back $17 a month – that’s a $2 increase from the tier’s original $15 monthly fee. Updated article below.Now that streaming media has become a mainstay in Australian homes, Aussies have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to getting their home entertainment fix.When combined, Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime Video and Foxtel Now offer an enormous range of content that can be instantly streamed into your home. However, if you can only afford one subscription service, narrowing down a definitive choice can be harder than it seems.As each service brings with it a unique range of television shows and movies aimed at different segments of the streaming audience, not to mention differing price points, device compatibility and streaming qualities, we’ve taken it upon ourselves bring you an in-depth guide to what you can expect from Australia’s four major SVOD platforms.With the constantly evolving nature of each service discussed in this guide, we will endeavour to keep you updated on any significant changes and updates that may occur to these streaming giants in the future.Here’s how the Australian streaming situation stacks up in 2019.
The best VPN for Netflix 2019Price

Probably the best thing about having so many streaming options to choose from, is that it forces each service to be priced competitively.Netflix offers the cheapest stream of the main three, with a single stream in standard definition at $9.99, which, if we’re being honest, isn’t particularly good value, but may appeal to those who live alone and have a poor quality internet connection.Thankfully, for $13.99 a month you can get a dual-stream subscription that offers HD streaming quality.If 4K streams are what you’re after, you’ll need to subscribe to Netflix’s premium package, which costs $17.99 a month and allows you to watch the service on four devices simultaneously. This is probably the most ideal subscription for families with differing tastes in shows and movies.Though Netflix is obviously working off of how it’s priced overseas, Stan has chosen to come out at the low, no-nonsense price of $10 a month. That’s for everything the service has to offer at a maximum resolution of 1080p.
If you want to make use of your 4K TV though, you can upgrade to a Premium Stan subscription for the new price of $17 a month, which is a slight increase from its original $15 monthly fee. So far, Stan has a steadily growing 4K content lineup, including shows like Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, Preacher and Wolf Creek, and movies like Ghostbusters, Taxi Driver, Arrival and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy.These kinds of prices cut straight to the point – once you’ve tested the service’s 30 day trial, you’re either on board with forking over a tenner (or an extra fiver)  each month, or you’re not.Undercutting Netflix’s pricing substantially, Amazon has a special introductory offer that grants new subscribers access to the service for a monthly fee $4.99 for the first six months, after which it will renew at US$6.99 each month after that.Foxtel Now is different in that it offers a number of different content packs (split into Starter packs and Premium packs) so the user can tailor their subscription to their viewing habits.The minimum price for Foxtel Now has been increased to $25 per month, which includes the Pop and Lifestyle packs. You’ll probably have to sign up to at least a couple of packs to get a decent selection of shows overall. As we’ve already mentioned, Lifestyle and Pop are now bundled together, while the individual Kids and Doco packages have been scrapped entirely — if you want that content back, you’ll have to pony up for the $104 All Packs bundle.Thankfully, the Drama package is still around, and is still priced at $15 per month (though you’ll get $5 off when you sign up).The Movies pack will still set you back $20 a month and the Sports package remains unchanged at $29 per month. Seeing as you’re obligated to sign up to the Pop and Lifestyle packs, the minimum cost for watching sports on Foxtel Now has been raised to $54 per month. 

For many people, the decision of which streaming service to sign up for may come down to the devices they own.Netflix has the biggest global reach and has been around the longest, which is why it can be streamed on the largest number of devices.The Netflix app is available on a wide range of smart TVs from manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Philips and Hisense, though you should check your television model to see if the service is supported. Stan is available on all current Samsung smart TVs, Sony smart TVs (running Android TV) and all LG smart TVs running WebOS software. Stan is also streaming on Hisense smart TVs from 2015 onwards, and we’re seeing the app pop up on more and more manufacturers sets. Basically, if you buy a new smart TV locally, chances are that it will play Stan. At launch, Amazon Prime Video only offered its service in Australia through computer browsers, however, the Amazon Prime app has now appeared on a number of 4K smart TVs, including models from Sony, Samung, LG and more. Before settling on Prime, you should check and see if you smart TV has an app for it.If your smart TV is of the 4K/UHD variety, chances are that its Netflix app supports 4K streaming. You can also get a 4K Netflix stream for the latest wave of Ultra HD Blu-ray players, such as the Panasonic DMP-UB900 and the Samsung UBD-K8500. Microsoft’s newest console, the Xbox One S, also offers 4K playback.The Apple TV also supports Netflix and has features built around service, such as the ability to use Siri to search for titles by voice, which places Netflix titles appear alongside iTunes listings. A Stan app is also available for Apple TV, but Amazon won’t allow its app on Apple TV or Chromecast for business reasons. With that said, you should be able to display Amazon Prime Video on your Apple TV through AirPlay. So far, Siri functionality is only available to Netflix.Netflix, Stan and Amazon Prime Video are all available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, though some older Android models may not be compatible.When it comes to game consoles, Netflix has the biggest reach, with apps for Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One S, PS3, PS4 and the Nintendo Wii U. Stan has most of the consoles covered but lacks support for Xbox 360 and Wii U. It’s also possible to watch Amazon Prime Video on home gaming consoles, including the Xbox One and PS4, and you can also watch the service using Amazon’s Fire TV Stick.Netflix and Stan are also available on Fetch TV, which is quite handy for the hundreds of thousands of Australians currently subscribed to Fetch.If you don’t have any of the TV-connected devices listed above and still want to watch Netflix and Stan on your television, the two services can also be streamed to a Google Chromecast, which ostensibly provides regular TVs with smart TV functionality (so long as you have a smartphone or tablet to stream from). That said, Amazon Prime Video is not supported on Chromecast.Foxtel Now works on iOS and Android devices, Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra, PC and Mac and the newly-released Foxtel Now streaming box. Finally, you can also watch Netflix and Stan on the Roku 2-powered Telstra TV media streaming box.
Kids content

When it comes to kids shows and movies, each service has its own strengths and weaknesses.Stan has a wide selection of children-friendly shows that mostly stem from its partnerships with Turner Broadcasting (the Cartoon Network), the ABC and Viacom.And, now that Stan is Disney’s new home for streaming content in Australia, subscribers now have access to an enormous library of classic movies from Disney and Pixar, such as the Toy Story trilogy, Finding Nemo, Frozen, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid and more, along with a wide selection of Disney Channel TV shows.Cartoon Network favourites like Adventure Time, Ben 10, Regular Show, The Powerpuff Girls, Cow and Chicken, Generator Rex and Ed, Edd, n Eddy are all ready to stream on Stan.Likewise, classic ABC titles like The Wiggles, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Guess How Much I Love You and Justine Clarke, as well as overseas titles like Octonauts, Angelina Ballerina, Bob the Builder, Thomas and Friends, Fireman Sam, Sesame Street and Mister Maker are available to stream on the app, and its Viacom deal brings with it a large range of shows from Nickelodeon and Nick Jr, like Avatar: The Last Airbender; Octonauts, Ni Hao, Kai-Lan, Bubble Guppies, and popular live-action shows like iCarly, VICTORiOUS, and Drake & Josh.Like the rest of Amazon Prime Video’s content library, its Kids selection is quite sparse at present. You’ll find a number of Amazon Original kids shows you’ve probably never heard of, like Wishenpoof!, Tumble Leaf and Just Add Magic, alongside some tried-and-true kids movies classics, like The Little Rascals, Casper, Spy Kids and Babe.Animation fans will be happy to know that Netflix has also produced some original shows based on classic DreamWorks properties, including Puss in Boots and How to Train Your Dragon.Deals with other big children’s program distributors Saban, DHX Media and Hasbro Studios have also provided Netflix with numerous incarnations of Power Rangers and My Little Pony.Special mention should also be given to inclusion of the classic Aussie kid’s show, Round the Twist, on both Netflix and Stan’s respective catalogues.Foxtel Now offers plenty of kids shows and channels hosting a large number of Nickelodeon and Disney programs, though the only way to access them now is via its extremely pricey All Packs bundle, which’ll set you back $104 per month.
TV shows

A wide and varied range of television shows are available on Netflix, Stan and Amazon Prime Video, thanks to individual deals between each of the SVOD services and their content partners. Because of this, each service should have something for everyone in your family.While there’s a lot of crossover when it comes to the availability of shows on each platform, perhaps the most important deciding factor comes down to the exclusives and original shows available on each service.Netflix is without question the leader in this regard, with a large, global slate of original shows that are, for the most part, available in every one of its territories around the world. And if you want to access your own catalogue from abroad, then you should look to download the best Netflix VPN from our guide.The service has achieved huge success with its diverse lineup, which includes award-winning shows House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, long-form superhero shows like Marvel’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones, internationally-targeted shows like Narcos, animated sitcoms such as BoJack Horseman and F is For Family, comedies like Fuller House, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Master of None, and countless stand up comedy specials, to name but a small selection from its rapidly-expanding library.On top of this, TV series like Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Making A Murderer, Mindhunter and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina have also found crossover appeal with mainstream audiences.Though Stan is only available in Australia, it has already begun creating its own original content, having produced the improvised comedy series No Activity, the TV spin-offs of Wolf Creek and Romper Stomper, as well as the comedy series Plonk.Stan is notable for also having a large range of exclusive shows in its stable, with big hitters like the Twin Peaks revival, Better Call Saul Mozart in the Jungle, Transparent, Power, UnReal, Community, Lost Girl, Dig, Ash vs Evil Dead, Angie Tribeca and 11.22.63 tied to the service for the entire life of each series. On top of this, Stan is the only service in Australia offering both the complete series’ of US sitcom classics Seinfeld and Friends, which are huge gets for the service. If it ever manages to secure The Simpsons (as unlikely as that may be), it’ll have the holy trifecta on offer.

Stan also fast-tracks new episodes of its exclusive shows as soon as they air overseas, a practise that both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have since adopted with such shows as Riverdale and American Gods.As the newest service to hit Australian shores, Amazon Prime Video doesn’t currently have a huge TV content library on offer, then again, that probably goes a long way to explaining why the subscription price is so cheap. Most people considering a Prime subscription are probably looking to watch The Grand Tour, the new car enthusiast show from the team behind the beloved series, Top Gear. If that’s what you’re after, you’ll happy to know that every available episode of the series is available on Amazon Prime Video in HDR, with new episodes arriving weekly. Aside from that, other exclusive draw cards include American Gods, a hyped new show based on the immensely popular Neil Gaiman novel of the same name, Jean-Claude Van Johnson, which stars Jean-Claude Van Damme as a spy version of himself, The Tick, a comedic superhero series revival, The Man in the High Castle, which posits a world in which the Nazis won World War II, and The Terror, a horror anthology series based on a best-selling book. Unlike the competition, Foxtel Now lets you also watch live television broadcasts, essentially giving you the regular Foxtel experience over the internet. Aside from this, most of the packages on offer, such as Drama and Pop (which have loads of HBO content split across them), are mostly filled with television shows. Fans of reality TV will get a real kick out of the selection here.

As with most SVOD services, the titles available on Netflix, Stan and Presto change occasionally according to content licensing agreements. That said, each service has a pretty decent collection of films aimed at slightly different audiences.When it first launched, Australian Netflix had a much smaller content offering than its US counterpart. However, its focus on Original content over licensed material has made that issue largely irrelevant, with a huge selection of quality shows and movies now available.Netflix Original movies like Bird Box, Bright and the critically acclaimed Roma have found much larger audiences on the streaming service than they likely would have if released through traditional channels, while unusual film experiments like The Ballad of Buster Scruggs might never have been made without today’s streaming model of distribution.Amazon Prime Video offers a number of classic older films, though not many recent blockbusters are currently available to stream. Its recent Amazon Original film The Neon Demon, for instance, is currently geo-restricted.Still, fans of B-grade cinema, including straight-to-video ’90s martial arts movies, ’80s horror movies and sleazy grindhouse flicks will find plenty to love on Amazon Prime Video. In fact, it blows all of the other services out of the water in this regard, with a rather big back catalogue of these kinds of films. As was mentioned earlier, you’ll need a Movies package to watch feature films through Foxtel Now, though that will set you back $20 per month on top of a $10 Starter pack. Many of the movies are new releases, showing much of the content you’d expect to see on live Foxtel.

Stan’s amazing partnership with Disney has given the service a huge leg up over the competition when it comes to licensed content, with access to a wide selection of Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm movies on offer.It also provides a fairly big selection of Roadshow Entertainment titles, though previously available films like Mad Max: Fury Road have since dropped off the service. Thankfully, huge franchises like The Lord of the Rings and The Matrix are present and accounted for. A content deal with MGM also provides Stan with a large back catalogue of classic films, including the entire James Bond series in glorious 4K quality, along with The Silence of the Lambs, When Harry Met Sally and a huge selection of Woody Allen films.Stan has always been the leading streaming service when it comes to art films and world cinema, including access to films from over 45 countries in more than 70 languages, but now you can count mainstream blockbusters among its many licensing accomplishments. 
Streaming quality

All three services offer HD streams (unless you’re subscribed to Netflix’s lowest tier), however, Netflix is unquestionably the leader when it comes to streaming quality, as it offers the most 4K HDR content (top pricing tier only) of any of the services listed here.Netflix Originals, with some exceptions, are generally available in 4K streaming quality. The service has also started streaming HDR (high-dynamic-range) and Dolby Vision content for many of its original shows and movies.The service has an adaptive bit rate that adjusts itself based on the quality of your internet connection. It should be noted that, even if you have a blazing fast connection, Netflix will occasionally fail to reach full resolution during primetime hours due to congestion.Stan also uses adaptive bit rate technology, however it also offers users the ability to select the streaming quality of its shows (where available). The Ultra setting offers full 4K resolution, though you’ll need to subscribe to the Premium package to see the benefits of the Ultra HD upgrade.Unlike its competitors, Stan allows users to select the quality of their streams on smart devices, media devices and smart TVs. Simply select the cog icon and choose between Low, Medium and High quality streams. This is especially handy if you’re having buffering problems or if you’re streaming off mobile data.With Netflix adding offline viewing to its subscription price, allowing using to download a selection of shows and movies to their devices for viewing outside of Wi-Fi networks, the service immediately increased its overall value. Thankfully, Stan has followed suit, and now allows subscribers to download the vast majority of its content. This makes its $10 monthly price point even more of a bargain than it already was. Amazon Prime Video also offers 4K HDR content, though with the varying quality of the shows and movies on offer, it’s a little tricky to know what’s available in SD, HD or Ultra HD until you start watching it. Original shows are, for the most part, available in 4K. Foxtel Now is said to offer HD streams, but the quality is a mixed bag. Often blurry or with overly saturated colours, the picture quality here is a far cry from what Netflix, Stan and Amazon Prime Video are offering. This really changes on a show-by-show basis. Game of Thrones looks pretty clean, though.
Though each service has its own strengths and weaknesses, Netflix is unquestionably the winner when it comes to device compatibility, original content and stream quality.Its library of Netflix Originals continues to grow and maintain a generally high level of quality, with the service producing the kind of content that gives HBO a run for its money when it comes to premium programming.When you ignore its standard definition pricing option (and we ignore it pretty hard around these parts), Stan’s flat $10 subscription fee is definitely more appealing for people who want access to a HD stream, but when you consider how many original shows Netflix produces, a couple of extra bucks a month is hardly a deal-breaker.It’s great that Amazon Prime Video has made its way to Australia, and while it still has a long way to go in terms of growing its content library and list of compatible devices, it continues to add new content constantly, filling out the content selection with a number of gems. On the plus side, the service is quite inexpensive at the moment, so if you want to try it out for yourself anyway, you can do so without breaking the budget. We love the sheer amount of content available on Foxtel Now (it really does leave the competition in the dust in this regard), though getting a decent selection up will hurt your wallet in the long run. Still, when all is said and done, there’s no denying that Netflix truly is the king of streaming media in Australia.

Huawei promises Android ban won’t affect Australian customers

Huawei promises Android ban won’t affect Australian customers

No sooner than news broke that Google had rescinded Huawei’s Android licence, worried customers – especially in the UK – began to trade in their Huawei handsets. However, the Chinese tech giant’s Australian arm has released a statement saying customers Down Under have nothing to worry about.According to Huawei Australia’s Director of Corporate Affairs, Jeremy Mitchell, being blacklisted by the US won’t affect Australian customers currently using the company’s smartphones and tablets. In fact, Mitchell adds, “those that are planning to buy a Huawei device in the near future” also won’t have anything to worry about.Australian consumers will continue to receive operating system and security updates, and will have access to Google’s apps and services, like the Play Store, Gmail and Search.Mitchell has also confirmed that the manufacturer will continue to provide after-sales services for all existing Huawei devices, including those that are currently still stocked with retailers.Huawei, though, has received a small reprieve with the ban being lifted until August this year, giving the company time to prepare for the launch of its upcoming handsets, like the upcoming Honor 20 flagships and the much talked about folding Mate X. Whether that’s enough time for Huawei to figure out its next steps remains to be seen.However, to reassure its customers globally, Huawei released a statement saying it “will continue to prioritise the development and use of the Android ecosystem” and “will continue to build a safe and sustainable software system” for its customers.
Despite reassurances, Google’s block on Huawei should worry all smartphone users

Verizon’s 5G speed peaks at 1.4Gbps, but only if you do ‘the 5G shuffle’

Verizon’s 5G speed peaks at 1.4Gbps, but only if you do ‘the 5G shuffle’

Update: Our ongoing 5G speed test has turned into a liveblog of sorts, as we spent a second day reporting (further below) on it in Chicago and testing out the Verizon 5G network’s ability to deliver ultra wideband signal to the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. You can at last get incredible 5G phone speeds in the US today, according to our tests, but only in two cities and only if you do what we’re calling ‘the 5G shuffle.’We were able to test the Verizon 5G network in Chicago using a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (and we’ll stick around to keep doing so until Tuesday on our own), and we’ve been able to pull down consistent speeds topping 1Gbps. One of our 5G tests peaked at 1.385Gbps.But to get these headline-worthy speeds, we had to basically move (or dance) around the 5G nodes that sit above lampposts on specific blocks in Chicago. It’s reportedly the same in the only other US city with active Verizon 5G nodes, Minneapolis.

Amazing 5G speeds, with obvious caveats 
TechRadar became the first outlet with a 5G phone when the Moto Z3 5G launched last month, but the Verizon 5G network was just getting underway. It either wasn’t as fast back then, or we didn’t get consistent-enough signal to reach the heights we’re seeing now. It even frequently dropped back down to 4G LTE mid-test.Now, five weeks later and with the Galaxy S10 5G in hand, we’ve gotten speeds that made the Verizon engineers on hand from New York visibly excited. They’re seeing the nearly 1.4Gbps speeds in the wild for the first time, too.Speeds tests using the Ookla app offered us some insight into peak raw speeds, and they were great. But it was also important to do real-world tests – while doing the 5G shuffle – to see how Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Android game downloads did.The most shocking 5G test we conducted?
Stranger Things (Entire First Season) on 5G: 38.78 secondsStranger Things (Entire First Season) on 4G: 1 hour 16 minutesYes, we waited on the same rainy street corner in Chicago to test these speeds. One finished in under a minute, and the other took one hour and 16 minutes.

The difference is staggering in this 5G test. We used the Galaxy S10 5G connected to Verizon’s 5G ultra wideband signal. The 4G comparison test used an iPhone XS Max on AT&T’s getting ‘5Ge’ signal (which isn’t actual 5G, as we’ve reported multiple times and a marketing stunt over which Sprint sued AT&T).We were also able to download Fortnite in 2 minutes and 55 seconds and Asphalt 9: Legends in 2 minutes and 23 seconds on the Galaxy S10 5G.While these 5G tests weren’t at nearly 1.4Gbps, they were fast (around 1Gbps) and depended on if the app maker was optimized to deliver fast speeds. Downloading the game PUBG from the Google Play Store, for example, was a bit slower than downloading the same game file from the Galaxy App Store.In other words, the pull from our 5G device and direct line of sight of the 5G node was important, but so is the push from Google, Netflix and other content providers.

5G speed test: Chicago Day 2
Gone from Chicago are the other tech reporters, but we’re still here seeing if the 5G network holds up after the initial launch day hype. The answer: yes and no.We can confirm that the 5G nodes are still active (this wasn’t purely a publicity stunt like some have implied). But, for large portion of the day, the our Samsung Galaxy S10 5G phone (we bought a unit at Verizon’s flagship Chicago store on launch day) did fall out of sync with both Verizon’s 5G and even 4G LTE signal. That’s right, we were operating on a 3G speeds for the better part of day two. Was it a network problem? Was it a hardware problem? We’ll never know. But a reset of the phone solved the issue and were we back up to 4G LTE and, in designated spots, 5G.Clearly, 5G has growing pains. At nearly 1.4Gbps in our raw speeds tests, according to our speed tests, it shows tremendous promise. But blanketing the entire city of Chicago is going to take some time. Even saying 5G is more of a 2020 thing than a 2019 thing sounds hopeful at times.
We’ll continue to update our week-long 5G test as we get more time the the Galaxy S10 5G and compare it to 4G LTE in Chicago.

The best Xbox One S prices, bundles and sales in Australia (May 2019)

The best Xbox One S prices, bundles and sales in Australia (May 2019)

With the unveiling of the Xbox One X, the Xbox One S has seen some impressive price drops and bundle deals with Microsoft going all out to pump up the pressure on its rivals. It was already often the cheapest console of the current generation, but with some of these savings on bundles and even Xbox One Controllers, the price seems right. At this point it’s probably wiser to buy a bundle and score some wicked Xbox One games along with the unit, as some of them can come in cheaper than the standalone consoles themselves.Looking to buy in the US or UK? You’ll want to head on over to our US page or UK page.

Xbox One S deals
At once more elegant and more powerful, the slimmed-down design of the Xbox One S ditches the external power brick and chunky looks of the original Xbox One. More importantly, it comes kitted out with 4K visual support meaning you’ll be able to watch specialised Blu-Ray and Netflix content in 4K. To compare Xbox One prices in real time, check out our pick below, or visit our sister site Getprice.

iTunes bug causing many users’ 4K titles to be downgraded to HD

iTunes bug causing many users’ 4K titles to be downgraded to HD

Back in 2017, Apple TV 4K users cheered when selected films in their iTunes libraries started receiving Ultra HD upgrades at no extra cost.Now, it appears the opposite is happening (albeit unintentionally), with both purchased and unpurchased 4K movies being downgraded to HD thanks to an alleged bug, as reported by 9to5Mac.
4K vs 8K: Is it worth upgrading?What is 4K resolution? Our guide to 4K and Ultra HD displays4K upscaling: turning HD into 4KOriginally believed to be an issue only affecting Warner Bros. titles, the list of downgraded movies has since extended to productions from other studios, including MGM, Columbia, Twentieth Century Fox and more. One user has compiled a list of downgraded titles over on Blu-ray.com’s forums, which includes the following:
22 Jump Street (2014)About Last NightAloha (2015)American SniperAnnie (2014)Batman vs. SupermanThe Brothers Grimsby (2016)The Equalizer (2014)Fast & Furious 6 (2013)Ghostbusters II (1989)Goosebumps (2015)Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 (2011)Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 (2010)Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001)Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)Hercules (2014)Hitch (2005)Hotel Deluxe (2013)Matrix ReloadedThe Matrix Revolutions (2003)Risen (2016)Spaceballs (1987)Taxi Driver (1976)Unforgiven (1993)The Walk (2015)X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)Thankfully, it appears that Apple is already rectifying the situation, with some users on Twitter reporting that several titles have returned to their full 4K Ultra HD resolutions, although that hasn’t happened for everyone.
If you’ve noticed that your 4K purchases have suddenly regressed to HD, your best bet is to wait it out as it looks like the problem is only temporary.
Want films that will never downgrade? Here are the best 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray movies

Spotify is quietly testing an Instagram-style Stories feature for artists

Spotify is quietly testing an Instagram-style Stories feature for artists

With the success of the ‘stories’ feature on Snapchat, it’s no wonder that other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and even Twitter jumped on the bandwagon, some of which even overtook the popularity of the originators.Now it’s Spotify’s turn to try out the ephemeral narrative approach, with the music streaming platform quietly trialling a feature it’s calling Storyline. 

While the format appears rather similar to Instagram and Snapchat’s feature, the main difference in Spotify’s approach is in allowing artists to communicate with their listeners via a series of ‘cards’ that can be cycled through.The Storyline shows up below a song’s transport controls and – once you’ve swiped up on it – provides further insight from the artists themselves. It’s found either above or below the existing ‘Behind the Lyrics’ section, which shows lyrics and information pulled from Spotify’s partner, Genius.In contrast to Behind the Lyrics, Storyline allows users to flip through the cards at their own pace rather than in time with the music. It’s also information supplied directly by the artist to Spotify, although there’s no sign yet of a submission tool appearing in the service’s artist dashboard, indicating that only select artists have been given the privilege at present.
Share what you’re watching on Netflix with new Instagram Stories featureSamsung is making a vertical TV for all your Instagram StoriesInstagram could be planning public Pinterest-style collectionsThe feature is showing up on select users’ mobile apps across both iOS and Android (but not desktop at present) in multiple territories, although there’s no official word on who exactly has been selected.There’s no guarantee that the Storyline feature will see a permanent public rollout, but if the tests prove successful, we’ll likely see more artists using the service to communicate directly with their fans.
Spotify boasts twice as many paid subscribers as Apple Music

iPhone 11’s ugly camera design seems certain after two new case-render leaks

iPhone 11’s ugly camera design seems certain after two new case-render leaks

The iPhone 11 is still several months away, and as with every Apple flagship in recent memory, there’ve already been numerous rumors and leaks about the device – many of which are, admittedly, impossible to confirm this far out from release.
The iPhone 11 could be bigger than the iPhone XSThe iPhone 11 could bring back Touch ID – with a huge twistApple reportedly planning big upgrades to iPhone 11 camerasHowever, there’s one persistent rumor about Apple’s next iPhone that seems to be more solid than most, with repeated leaks suggesting a triple-lens iPhone 11 is looking very likely – although the buzz around the design hasn’t been exactly glowing, with the square camera layout’s large size dividing Apple fans.Today, two new sets of iPhone 11 case renders have landed online, offering even more evidence that Apple will indeed go through with the controversial rear camera design.Citing “trusted sources in China”, leak site SonnyDickson.com has posted a pair of case renders that back up the rumored new design, complete with large, square camera cutouts and device dimensions for proposed ‘iPhone XI’ and ‘iPhone XI Max’ models.
Image credit: SonnyDickson.comMeanwhile, more case renders have surfaced over on SlashLeaks that give us an idea of what the upcoming device’s camera might look like while decked out in a third party housing (it still ain’t pretty, as it turns out). 
Image credit: SlashLeaksOf course, these leaked renders are from official, meaning we can still cling to the hope that the iPhone 11 will look nothing like this when it eventually arrives later in the year.Fingers crossed.
iPhone 11 could have a camera designed for underwater photography

UFC 237 live stream: how to watch Namajunas vs Andrade tonight from anywhere

UFC 237 live stream: how to watch Namajunas vs Andrade tonight from anywhere

The waiting is over…it’s time for MMA fans to turn their attention to the Octagon in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. That’s where Rose Namajunas and Jessica Andrade – as well as plenty more UFC stars – will do battle tonight, and you’re in the right place to discover how to get a UFC 237 live stream – it doesn’t even matter where in the world you are.
The UFC’s big brawl in Brazil is looking like one not to be missed and the Women’s Strawweight title bout is just the tip of the iceberg. A particularly brutal iceberg.
One of the key highlights for fans wanting to see a local hero, Anderson Silva is just the ticket. He may be from Sao Paulo, but the former middleweight champion had one of the very longest title reigns in history of UFC, making him a favorite of Brazilians all over the country. He’s set to fight Jared Cannonier.And then there’s José Aldo fighting Alexander Volkanovski, with the former a three time UFC champion and currently still one of the best fighters in the featherweight division. The Rio crowd will blow the roof off if he wins on the night. And that’s all before you even get to Namajunas vs Andrade.Whoever you’re cheering on during this weekend’s MMA action, we’ll show you how to live stream UFC 237’s main card from anywhere in the world – for US viewers, you should just head straight to ESPN+.
Want to watch Major League Baseball, too? Check out our MLB live stream guide
Live stream UFC from outside your country
Worry not if you’re a huge UFC fan but aren’t in the US to watch that ESPN+ coverage this weekend. If you find the coverage is geo-blocked, you can try using a VPN to change your IP address to a US server and watch this week’s main card just as if you were back at home.

How to watch UFC online in the US exclusively on ESPN
Gone are the days of watching UFC on cable television as ESPN+ has now secured the rights to show UFC 237 as well as all upcoming UFC Fight Nights. ESPN+ has already made a name for itself by hosting big-ticket tennis, soccer and boxing events.If you don’t already have a subscription, then the way to go seems to be a UFC Bundle, costing you $79.99. That won’t just buy you the UFC 237 PPV, but you’ll get a year-long subscription to ESPN+ (that would normally cost $60 alone).For those that already have an ESPN+ subscription, you can still buy access to UFC 237 for $59.99. Got your subscription or bundle sorted but find yourself outside the US this weekend? Scroll up the page and take a look at our advice for using a VPN to watch the UFC 237 live stream from outside your country.

Live stream UFC 237 in the UK