Google Home just fixed one of its most annoying features

Google Home just fixed one of its most annoying features

Shortly after being teased a few days ago, Google is rolling out a sorely-needed feature for Google Home: multiple user functionality.

Rolling out today in the US and coming to the UK "in the coming months," Google Home can now support up to six different users, allowing it to keep track of your personal itinerary, music playlists, commute, and even flight details.

Previously, the Google Assistant-backed smart speaker could only support a user at a time, making it a hassle to personalize the experience to yourself without messing up another individual's settings.

The real kicker isn't just that Google Home can now keep tabs on more than one person, but that it can do so instantly by recognizing your voice.

When setting up multiple users on Google Home, the most recent version of the Google Home app will ask to hear you say "OK Google" and "Hey Google" a few times when linking your account to the smart speaker. 

Once that's complete, that particular Google Home's neural network gets a feel for your voice, allowing it to know it's you asking about the weather, and not your spouse, kid, roommate, or a well-trained parrot.

Though Amazon Echo has had multiple user support for a while now, it requires users to actively ask the Alexa-powered smart speaker to switch accounts. By knowing who's talking to it by voice alone, Google Home has made a big step forward in staying competitive, while also saving us precious, precious time.

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