Welcome to TechRadar’s PC Gaming Week 2018

Welcome to TechRadar’s PC Gaming Week 2018

Welcome to the fourth annual TechRadar PC Gaming Week, celebrating our love of all things PC gaming with a week of in-depth and exclusive coverage.Whether you’re new to the craze or have been a PC gamer since sound cards were still a thing, join us from today until June 15 for some deep dives into the world of PC gaming, looking at both the games we play and the machines we play them on. In preparation for what’s going to be a fun and full-on week we’ve been busy playing PC games and testing gaming hardware and peripherals, and talking to the individuals and the companies that make them.We’ll be bringing you a vast and varied selection of articles, including an interview with an esports player in which they talk about how to get into playing PC games professionally, a feature getting behind the design of one the best PC gaming mice ever made, and a look back at one of the PC games that sparked the modern phenomenon of worldwide online gaming.To make sure you don’t miss anything amid the constant stream of content that is TechRadar – E3 2018 is also happening this week – just keep coming back to this page, which we’ll be updating daily as new articles are published.So, without further ado, let TechRadar’s PC Gaming Week 2018 begin!

Corsair on getting serious about gaming miceCorsair takes TechRadar on a journey inside the design process for its last two mice, the Glaive RGB and Dark Core RGB.

Best gaming keyboard 2018: the best gaming keyboards we’ve testedAll of these keyboards are as beautiful as the components in your PC, tested by TechRadar editors and refreshed for PC Gaming Week.

Best gaming mouse pads 2018: the best mouse mats for gamersFrom the basic unicorn-laden mouse pads to ones with top tech, we’re helping gamers decide with a the guide to top gaming mouse mats.

Why (and how) Acer makes the most extreme PC gaming hardwareAcer tells us all about its philosophy for developing extreme hardware for the most hardcore PC gamers.

The 30 best indie games on PC and consolesThe best indie games don’t need loot boxes to succeed – here they are. And, surprise: the best place to find them is on PC.

Touring Maingear: the hypercar auto shop of gaming PC buildersWe’ve had the chance to tour Maingear’s New Jersey HQ office, though it’s more like an exotic auto shop.

Best hard drives 2018: the top HDD for desktops and laptopsFrom a little extra storage space to a beefy NAS, these are the best hard drives for the job, now with PCGW deals.

Steam vs GOG vs GreenManGaming: which is best for PC gamers?Buying PC games can be tough, so we compare Steam, GOG and GreenManGaming to see which is best.

Best gaming laptops 2018: the 10 top gaming laptops we’ve reviewedThe best gaming laptops you can buy, always up to date with the latest hardware configurations, now with PCGW deals.

10 things PC gamers hateGaming on PC is great, but it’s not without its frustrations. Here’s our list of what really grinds our gears.

The best RPGs to play on PC todayThe PC is the best place to play RPG games, so if you fancy a bit of role playing, check out our updated list.

How to turn a second hand PC into a gaming beastYou don’t need to spend a fortune to create a monster gaming PC, just a second-hand PC and some components.

The best gaming monitor 2018If you really want to make the most out of your PC games, then make sure you have one of our picks for best gaming monitor.

Hands-on Lenovo Legion Y730 reviewThe Lenovo Legion Y730 is a reinvention for Lenovo’s PC gaming line – an impressive one at that.

Why Corsair believes in the wireless future of PC gamingWe sit down with Corsair for the inside scoop on its first wireless keyboard and its outlook on wireless gaming.

Microsoft’s E3 2018 conference made me glad I’m a PC gamerMicrosoft’s E3 2018 show had a lot of games, but it also delivered no reasons for this PC gamer to move to Xbox.

The best PC games of 2018 (so far)What better way to kick off this year’s PC Gaming Week than with a rundown of the very best PC games of 2018?

The best gaming PCs of 2018If PC Gaming Week 2018 has got you in the mood for buying a new gaming PC, then check out our roundup of the best rigs.

Intel’s love affair with PC gamingIntel is one of the biggest names in PC hardware, and we talk to the chip maker about its passion for PC gaming.

Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ reviewThe Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ is an amazing gaming monitor that boasts 4K, HDR and Nvidia G-Sync tech. But it is expensive…

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