A pair of our favourite running earbuds just got a big discount on Prime Day

A pair of our favourite running earbuds just got a big discount on Prime Day

If you’re after some wireless running earbuds that don’t fall out, the Jabra Elite Sport discount on Amazon Prime Day is well worth checking out for Prime members.

These are fully wireless Bluetooth buds that fit incredibly snugly into your ear (a little too snugly at times, as the first pair we tried in our review created some pain – but newer versions are much more comfortable) and feel really rather next generation.

The price is the most exciting thing about this Lightning Deal – they usually cost well over £200, but for a few hours they’ll be available for £159.99, which is only a touch more expensive that some of those sites you’re not convinced you should trust.

When you consider that Apple’s Airpods offer the same wireless capabilities for the same cost, you can see how much of a good deal this is.

All-round training

But these earbuds are far more than just music pipes – these Jabra Elite Sport earbuds have got integrated heart rate monitors and gyroscopes for full exercise tracking.

The former allows you to monitor your fitness on the go, with the Jabra Sport app offering you the chance to create workouts on the go that respond to your heart rate – or measure your fitness through VO2 Max, the amount of oxygen pumping to your muscles.

You can also perform high intensity interval workouts in your own home, with the Elite Sports tracking your reps and telling you how well you’ve done – no need for stupid old counting here.

In short, they’re rather well-rounded digital trainers that are also excellent for blocking the world out on the train, and come with a charging carry case that provides six hours’ battery life on top of the three the Elite Sport buds can hold.

Be quick though – the deal ends at 4.25PM, and they’re already 10% sold out…

It's Amazon Prime Day 2017, the online shopping giant's annual mega sale, with exclusive deals for Amazon Prime members – and if you’re not already signed up you can get a free trial today. Stick with TechRadar to find out how and when to grab all the best deals.

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